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Wanted to finally say hello...I think I've been a member of COM for a while and have never even posted..... So....anyone have any ideas on what to do with a 15 month old that doesn't want to use his words, doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to sleep all night, and doesn't want mommy to do anything that doesn't involve him?


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Hello Kelly!

Which one would you like us to answer first? lol :)

Is he making annoying little noises instead of words, or just pointing to what he wants? Perfectly normal. You can try telling him he must ask properly if he wants something and make him say the word. But really, it wont stop him doing it, this is a normal phase and it will pass.

Eat... another very common one. Have a look at the food you are offering him. Toddlers like their food simple and separate. I.e. not mixed up together, no sauce, individual bite sized plain food is the best way to go. You know those toddler plates with 4 separated compartments, that's why they make them, because toddlers often don't like different types of foods to touch. Also pay attention to textures, if it feels funny in his mouth he might not like it.

Doesn't want to sleep... how many times does he wake you up at night? Best bet is to put him back to bed without giving him any attention, no eye contact, no talking, no cuddles, just straight back to bed. Or, give in and put a matress on the floor of your bedroom and if he wants to be close to you he can sneak in and sleep there.

Anything that doesn't involve him... Ah, nothing to do about this one. His need for attention is normal, he will become more independant and give you some space as he grows. Right now his need for your attention comes from the explorative development his brain is doing. Having you right there with him gives him the courage and security he needs to explore and develop. Its called the cycle of security, he needs to know he can go off and learn and explore, but come straight back to you if he needs reassurance, then go off again. Over time he will need to come back less and less, until then, give him the attention he needs.

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