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Wanted to say Hello to all moms and introduce myself to Everyone, I am 33, Have 3 boys, just 4, 2 and half and a 6 month old. I feel very stressed out a lot of the time, even though I am a SAHM(stay at home mom) I can't keep up with paperwork, appointments, mothering, wifing, I am very anxious about driving -got into a fender bender two days ago and tired all the time: anyone else feel stressed or anxious, not depressed, but just constantly reved up in revolutions trying to keep up and find your brain is not fast enough anymore?


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Michelle - posted on 11/09/2012




I also found writing out lists really helped. Write down everything that you would like to get done and prioritize what is necessary and what can wait until another day. That way it makes it easier to stay focused.

I also found having a whiteboard or even a yearly planner that you can write down appointments makes it so much easier to plan the days. Make sure it's put in a prominent position so you see it often.

Rachel - posted on 11/08/2012




Hi! I'm new, too, and I'm also 33 with 4 kids(two of each), ages 7,3,2,&1, and I feel like you do much of the time, and I also got in a fender bender a couple months ago, which added a bunch of trips with all four kids to the chiropractor 30 minutes away several times a week. It's busy! We are in the middle of immigration paperwork and so I can feel you on the paperwork aspect. Always hoping I keep the government deadlines and don't get sent back to the US on paperwork technicalities. Then there are the endless doctor's appointments...which you probably have more of because of just having a baby. Make sure you talk to your follow up doctor about how you're feeling, because even if it isn't postpartum depression, being tired and overwhelmed after having a baby is normal(mine always hit me about 4-6 months after as well). And the doctor may have ideas for helping relieve the stress. But getting support can be big. Also, making time for yourself and letting yourself utilize offers of babysitting or free mom time from family, friends, or church ladies is a big help too. Have one or two people that you can call at any time to help you out when things just get too overwhelming. Hope this helps a little, just some ideas, and letting you know that there are others out there who understand a little of how you feel. I just prayed for you as I was writing this. :) Hugs!

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