Hello. My name is Samantha. I am 25. I have a son named Nickolas that is 9, a 15 month old named Annabell , and i am pregnant. I will find out what i am having next week. I

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I am getting fixed after I have this baby :). I love my babies more then anything I just don't want to have to devide up the amount of attention that my children are given.


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Samantha Jean - posted on 03/28/2013




I have two children now. I only wanted 1 boy and 1 girl, but surprise surprise its a girl! Im already showing and im almost 5 months. I have a 16 month old so i guess ya show quicker then 8 years apart like with my son. i am hoping for a vaginal delivery, and plan to get my tubes tied after i have Elizabeth :). Does anyone know how much worse the recovery is?

Carol - posted on 03/26/2013




My husband got fixed after our second. He was 30. It made things a lot easier not worrying about having a third. It's a much easier operation for men than it is for women - unless you're having a c-section. My husband was cracking jokes throughout the operation which lasted less than 30 minutes. He had no pain afterward either.

It's a responsible decision as long as you're sure you won't want any more. 25 is a lot different than 18 - and you'll have 3 kids. I could maybe see a doctor questioning your decision if you only wanted one (or none) at 25. With 3, you know what's in store and are probably making a balanced decision. Congrats on your third.

Michelle - posted on 03/23/2013




You are still so young to have any permanent birth control. I'm surprised you have found a doctor that will do it. Where I am they prefer you to be into your 30's before doing anything permanent.

I always said I wanted 2 children and I got them from my first marriage. When I met my current husband I told him I wasn't having any more children as well. Needless to say I now have 3 children and I don't regret it for a second. I would have regretted not being able to have children with him though.

I also know someone who had 2 children young and got her tubes tied after the 2nd. She is now with a wonderful man and they are really upset that they can't have children without the huge expense of IVF. I know you are usually in a relationship and think it will last forever but things happen and it's best not to face that regret later if it's not needed.

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