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What do you think about putting a helmet on kids like around 6 months to maybe 3 years old? So they won't hurt their head when they do something like rock back or fall down.


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Ali - posted on 06/12/2010




My youngest son had brain surgery when he was 8-months-old for a massive arachnoid cyst. His brain is forever shoved to one side and there is a large fluid-filled space. Without going into any further details... my son NEVER wore a helmet. Not even after brain-surgery. If 3 neurologists said that there was NO reason for my son to wear a helmet I would say it is a safe bet that your child does not need a helmet. There truly is only so much you can concern yourself with when it comes to ALL the ways that children can get hurt. And even adults for that matter. I say allow your child to live. Besides, if he or she wears a helmet for several years then he or she will not understand fully when a fall DOES hurt. His or her boundaries will be blurred. Reality will be altered. And, really... in life we can only protect ourselves and our loved ones from so much and the rest is up to the bigger picture. Anything can happen in life. We can't wait for it or even expect it. We just have to face it with grace and strength when it arrives. Things will happen. Your child will get hurt. We can only hope and pray that nothing major or life-altering happens. Have faith. Don't live in fear. If I were you I wouldn't give it another thought.

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