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I need recommendations Mom's I'm truly desperate 🙁
Ok so my daughter (8 yrs old) it's with her dad for summer vacations she had to leave July 1st and is coming back on the 31st,I had a weekend to spend with her and i did but also yesterday I ask her dad to let her spend a couple hours with me, as we was getting ready I ask her to sit down because I was going to do her hair and at first she didn't want to why because she knows that she got lices,this happens every time she goes with him and I'm tired of it when I confront him about it he will say that is not true that she got them from my home blah blah blah that's definitely not true and i have a video a pictures showing that when she left she was clean,my question is what can I do? Who do I contact for help? I need this situation to stop.


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Miranda - posted on 07/28/2017




Yes, unfortunatley I would agree with Michelle. The only other things I can think of is of course prayer. Putting it in God's hands and asking him to take care of it. Also to check and see if they have a shampoo or something she can use when she is there that would keep her from getting the lice. One other thing would be to if he's saying your place and you know it's his, say well if I have my place sprayed or whever it is you do to get rid of lice will you agree to the same so we can both ensure she won't get it anymore, she is both of your's daughter.

Michelle - posted on 07/27/2017




There's not a lot you can do. Head lice isn't life threatening, just annoying.

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