Help 1yo refuse to sleep in his bed at night

Mattalin - posted on 05/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im a first time mom who thought it was a good idea to let my son sleep in bed with husband and I since it was easier for me to bf and check on him through the night 15mos later and baby#2 on the way he really needs to move. the thing is I dont have this problem at naptime he sleeps in his crib just fine then so Im wondering why cant I get the same results at bedtime. he sleeps in our room with the tv on (mistake #2) so I dont think he is afraid of the dark. Ineed tips on how to get him to sleep alone at night before #2 makes his way here (3mos.) Im willing to try anything except letting him scream himself to sleep since I know that doesnt work for him or my nerves


Connie - posted on 05/13/2013




It is habit and as we all know it takes time and lots of energy to break a habit. if he is used to the tv then he may need a night light and some kind of noise a radio (an alarm clock with a sleep feature) or a white noise machine ( in the alarm clock isle at the store). The easiest way for me was to start a bedtime ritual. something that gives him routine will also help to comfort. it will not be an overnight thing. you might try putting him in his bed and reading to him or singing, something quiet. with my oldest i started by reading to her in my chair (in her room) when she went to sleep I put her in her bed. Then you go to bed. when they wake up you go put them back to sleep but you will find soon he will wake up and given a few minutes will be able to put himself back to sleep. it is a learning process for both of you but it is possible. Good luck and God bless!


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