HELP! 4 month old waking every two to three hours!

Lindsay - posted on 04/25/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello moms-

My four and a half month old has been (for the past week) waking up every two hours during the night. I go in and put his pacifier back in and he goes back to sleep for another two hours. I am pretty sure he is starting to get his two bottom teeth... but according to the book I just read (on sleeping through the night) that shouldn't affect his sleeping... SO I don't know what to do. We have a solid bedtime routine. I have heard that I should just let him cry so that he can learn to soothe himself back to sleep??? ANY thoughts would be very helpful... thank you.


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Kate CP - posted on 04/29/2009




Sounds like he's either hungry or teething. Teething will affect his sleep-it hurts! Listen to his cry: is it panicked, tired and whiney, screaming? If he's just sounding kind of whiney in his cry it's probably because he woke up and needs to be soothed. Do you have a cd player or a fan going in his room? Sometimes white noise can really help them sleep through the night.

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My baby would generally wake up when she was hungry, and I finally increased her feeding by an ounce or added a nightly snack. Didn't take long to get back to her routine. She also wakes very frequently when she's teething so I add tylenol or orajel to her bedtime routine during that time. Seemed to help. My baby enjoyed being swaddled until she was five months so i also would just change the positions she was laying in instead of giving her anything, this helped SO much. As soon as she wasn't swaddled anymore she's a major toss and turner in her sleep. Getting comfy on her own seems to help getting herself back to sleep when she wakes unexpectedly. I never wanted her to be too reliant on her paci so if she didn't spit it out in her sleep I would take it out.

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I don't think you are supposed to do cry it out until at least 6 months of age. That is what I have been reading. My son is affected by the teething so on the nights he is up a lot I give him some Tylenol or Motrin. Pacifiers can become a real pain. With my daughter every time it fell out of her mouth she woke up and we had to put it back in every time. My 7 month old uses one but he is ok with them falling out. Is your baby still hungry at night? Maybe try a feeding during the night? Good luck!

Whitney - posted on 04/25/2009




It's always hard to tell. It can be teeth but sometimes it will be months by the time they actually come in. Every baby is different to reacting to things and also they change so much. When you seem to have one thing down, they sometimes seem to regress. I do agree with having them cry as long as you know they are not sick. It's always hard to know what to do and I seem to always find myself in that situation now, even with a 18 month old...not always knowing what to do. Anyway, he obviously can't keep his pacifier in his mouth and he will eventually have to self soothe himself, so if possible sooner than later is better but not easy. Good luck! Also, I love your profile pic.

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