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my 11 month old son loves to bite, pull my hair (Realllly hard) and scratch.. hes made me bleed twice!!! I tell him NO firmly but he just laughs and keeps it up!! How do I teach him that this is not right??


Michelle - posted on 02/04/2010




Just keep repeating yourself over and over and over and over. Don't yell, don't crack a smile, don't lose control. Repeat over and over "No." hold his hand when he does it, or grab his mouth and "squeeze" (omg I dont' torture my kids lol) to hold his face, and say "Do we hit/bite/kick? No. We don't. That's not ok. We do not hit/bite/kick." Every time, no exception. I tried time outs too and we started about 11 months or so ish.... I don't remember exactly, but man do those work if you're consistent enough with them.

The consistency is key-- whatever you decide to do you must do it EVERY single time, the same way, the same force, no matter what. Even if you are busy with something else.

Good luck, my son went through a nasty phase like that too.

**EDIT TO ADD** Another thing-- kids his age don't really understand empathy, but it's never too early to start. I tell my son "You don't hit mommy because it hurts. You don't like it when you get hurt do you? That's why you don't hit, because it hurts, and it hurts mommy's feelings." Etc.


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Bite him back! LOL! I'm sorry, it's not funny but I don't know what else to say! Please don't take offense to that; I was just bein silly!

Have you tried timeouts? I know he's a little young but my daughter is now 16 months and just started to throw tantrums......I've started explaining how the time out works and she seems to be receptive to it! You can never start too early; bottom line is there HAS to be concequences for his actions or he'll never learn! Where did he learn this behaviour? Does he have older siblings? Maybe it's because he's teething.......maybe you should consult ur doctor? I'm not here to make you feel badly but I can honestly say my daughter has never bitten, punched, slapped or scratched anyone......she's very gentle and maybe something's bothering ur lil' guy?

Good luck!

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