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My oldest daughter will be 3 in May and my youngest just turned 1. My 3yr old refuses to take naps and shares a room with her sister. Even if I put her in my room she seems to break all sound barriers with her yelling in order to stay awake which means her sister doesnt get the needed nap. Do I just give up on naps? It's not that she doesnt need them she just doesnt want them. Then we get to about 4:30-5pm and shes ready for a nap UGH HELP PLEASE!


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Most of the time shes asleep by 10 we start bedtime at like 9. She gets up when her sister does at 7am. I think I'm going to try the afternoon down time. Baths work opposite on my kids it makes them more tired and grumpy because they start relaxing. We will see! Hopefully she will give with something!

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i have one like this and she is 2. I dont make her have a nap and on most days she will just go into her rm and lay down herself on the days that she thinks she doesnt need one i dont make her and when she thinks at suppertime she is able to have a nap this is when i give her a bath or something that makes her wake up. Has long has i get her before she falls asleep that is it seems to work. Question tho what time is her bedtime?

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Lol Selena at this point I will try anything! Tomorrow is another day and I'm going to try that for sure! Shes just so independent that its had to reason with her at times. Cross your fingers!

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I was just about to reply and read what Selena wrote- I was going to say the same thing! I worked in child care for 8 years, and we had a 30 minute "quiet time" for the older kids. That allowed them to rest, and they knew that they could get up when that time was over. Sometimes they'd just end up falling asleep, too. =)

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Hi Tasha,

Before becoming a Stay at Home Mum I worked as a child care provider for over 10 years (Children's programs, Daycare & Nanny). I found that some kids at this age start to protest nap time. I tried giving kids at this stage "Quiet Time". This is a period of time (30-60 minutes or even more!) where the little one can choose a quiet activity (books, snuggling a soft toy, listening to relaxing music, sometimes watching a movie, etc) in a quiet place. Let the child be involved in the process and it'll make it easier for the transition to the new "Quiet Time". I found that the majority of the kids took little cat-naps anyway!!! Even if they don't it sleep, it's a nice chill activity for the afternoon and makes the rest of the day a little easier.

Good luck!

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