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hi there ladies, i am an at home mom. my babygirl (Imaan) is now 15mnths old. she was born feb 10th 2010. she slept in her crib/cot all thru until she was 8mnths, we moved her into bed with us as she was hurting herself in the sleigh-cot, she has this thing she does, while sleeping she sits up n drops like a sack potatoes. had bumpers all around but never helped, now that she is over year old, we wanna plan towards having baby number 2 but we have to get her out of our bed first. do you have any suggestions or help therewith. pls help!!!!


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Kimber - posted on 05/23/2011




Hey there i just wanted to say that both of my sons slept in the bed with us. My first one is now 9,so he sleeps in his own room,but he did not get out of our bed untill he was almost 4,and i swore that i would never do it again if we had another child,but the 2nd child came,and now he is sleeping in the bed with us,and he just turned 3 last month! So yea it is soooooo very hard to get them to sleep in there own beds all threw the night!!! My hubby hates it,and he also hated it with the first one too,so it really is all me i guess. It is just something about haveing your baby,no matter how old they are right there beside you,or atleast that is how iam. I would also enjoy a bed with just me,and my hubby again it's been a really long time since we have had just the two of us in there!

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just be consistant with putting her in her own bed. when she wakes up crying don't give in and put her in bed with you. Louise is right it will only last a few days (did with my son) with my boy i'd get up and soothe him when he cried out but let him know that he had to sleep in his bed. GL :D

Katherine - posted on 05/22/2011




You really shouldn't have bumpers up unless they're the breathable ones. That is really unsafe. Anyways if you want sleep you are going to have to try

****Edit just realized he's 15mo but still....

Louise - posted on 05/22/2011




You just have to do it. Make her room bright and enticing and make it as comfortable as possible. Then tell her this is her room and put her in there. She will be upset for about three nights. Do not take her and put her in your room again comfort her but leave her in her room. She will adjust but she will protest somewhat so be prepared.

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