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My 15 month old isn't saying new words. Wut should I do?


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Nicole - posted on 08/06/2011




by 18 months your child should know ten words.

now i have EI for my child cause of her Vision problems. so when i asked abotu this same qquestion WORDS are not as if we would think of them

example: i have been treaching my daughter duck but she only gets out the du part its is a particial word and counts

sounds different sounds and bable also count as words. rr sounds you get from growling , when they blow raspberries that is technically a word ma ba da, those are all words they dont have to be full audible words they have to be words particial words or sound that you as a parent know the meaning of.

like my daughter she goes bab aba running to the bathroom after me she knows im going to the bath. dir is for her drink though she still preferes to scream uncontrolably for that alone so when she starts up i know she is thirsty. and ssssnnn is snake and she will carry her stuffed snake around.

words she knows in their entirity:

more ( ASL)




bye (new)


sorry (new)








finished (ASL)

ta da ( we used this instead of all done)




food (ASL)

anything that is not labled as new she has known since about 13-14 months. and my daughter is now 17 months old. but i do work with her on her words as every parent should you shouldnt just be like oh they willl learn...cause that is how some kids dont talk till later we always read to her and when she learns to say a new word we try to say it more ofen in the proper situation.

babys also like to mimic i have heard my daughter say that sucks....cause daddy says it alot but i have only heard her say it twice and i have her her say hi five but that was a one time deal too.

they learn better if you say the word wiht much emphasis. like yes being YESSS! hold on to the ss a bit longer and really excite the y sound. my daughter pickedit up in just a week or so . then all i heard was a very enthusiastic yes from a 14 month old for weeks after. we get her to say baby by going baay be holding the bay part and be part gets higher pitched. the more intresting the sounds are the more they will want to pick it right up and the easier for the brain to remember it.

Meagan - posted on 08/06/2011




My son wasn't saying anything but "MaMa" and "Dada" at 18 Months. Just before his 2nd birthday he really started saying words and now at 2yrs 5 Months, he is putting sentences together. Don't worry too Much.

Kiley - posted on 08/05/2011




It is true that all children move at their own pace, however to cover your bases I would talk to your ped and get a referral (possibly for speech pathologist) and have your child's hearing tested. In the meantime, be sure to be reading 20min each day as well singing and encouraging your child to speak. I narrate everything I do, everything my daughter does, and work with her when she expresses interest or distress to aquire the appropriate vocabulary.

Courtney - posted on 08/05/2011




Be patient my son would go through a spurt every 6 months or so first growing physically then mentally, learning new words faster than I thought possible. In a few years you'll be trying to figure out how to keep him quiet. Just remember boys tend to learn the physical faster and girls tend to learn the mental faster.

Jessica - posted on 08/05/2011




teach sign, it help develop speech. :-D also there no race pace, it only happen in time-itself. Just start with basic, mom, dad, eat, drink, all-done (finish). It help to know signs. and it never hurt for the future.

Lisa - posted on 08/03/2011




15 months is still pretty early. Give it some time, read lots of books, talk to your toddler and ask lots of questions, even if you don't understand the response. It'll come.
Once they start talking there are days where you wish they stlil didn't! :)

Antoinette - posted on 08/03/2011




I agree with Lindsea, every child is different, My daughter at 15 months wasn't saying much more than MUM, GO and BABY then one day pops her head up over the sofa and calls out "What are you doing Mummy?" and my son who is 2 next month also said little more than MUM, GO and BAY (his sisters name is Faye) but in the last month or so has really started picked up probably 20 or so words, in English and Maori (native language of New Zealand - my kids go to a total immersion maori language preschool in the mornings) and also does some sign. It's definately about repetition and mimicing their sounds so they know they can mimic yours. My kids watch a "My baby can talk" DVD that has basic baby signs and shows the words and says the words and they love it, and it seems to be the words they picked up first. If in doubt though seek professional help no harm in asking when you're worried!!! Good Luck!!

Lindsea - posted on 08/03/2011




Relax :) Each child learns to speak at their own pace and when they are ready, try not to worry to much or compare him.
Things you can do to help him is by talking to him lots, explaining what your doing him, slowing down your speech so he can see your mouth moving to pronounce the words, start of with easy small words like hold up a banana and say "nana". Try to show him new words that are easy to pronounce and say them lots and lots, reading helps as well holding up objects and telling him what they are. I'm sure he will be talking up a storm soon, I have 18 month old twins and they only say 5 words but getting a little better now just give it time.

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