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What do I do i stay at home take care of my two grils and my father in-law. I can not get my husband to do anythig to help. He is not working right now and he could help what do I do. Please help!


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User - posted on 02/25/2012




Let the house fall apart and see if he notices? Then when he wonders why, you could ask for his help? My sister tried this (she called it, going on strike) and it worked for her. Sometimes things have to hit rock bottom before it gets better.

It's a tough situation to be honest. You cant make ppl do something they dont want. And if he doesnt care that the house is falling apart and that the kids are suffering in the meantime then that makes it harder on your end to prove a point.

Maybe if you asked him specific tasks to do? Some ppl need specific direction.

Kari - posted on 02/25/2012




LOL that is the EXACT situation I'm in! I have 3 kids (1 boy and 2 girls) Im a SAHM that takes care of the kids and the FIL and my hubby is out of work and does nothing but sleep all day! If you find a solution PLEASE let me know!

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