HELP!! 7 mo wont sleep in crib

Amber - posted on 02/06/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 7 month old son wont sleep in his crib. I moved him from the bassinet into his crib around 4 months old. He was doing really good then he came down with an ear infection and started screaming when I would put him down, so I stuck him in bed with my husband and I for a couple of days. Then he wouldnt go back into his crib. I have tried EVERYTHING! I played lullabies, rocked him, warm bath before bed, fed him an extra bottle, rubbed his back, patted his bottom, soothed him any way I possible could.. and worse, let him cry for an hour straight. I'm talking screaming. I cant handle much more. My husband hates the fact that I put him into bed with us (not to partial with it either, but atleast I get some sleep)... any other ideas?? I'm going nuts and dont want this to be such a horrible thing every night.


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Sarah - posted on 02/07/2010




I had the same problem with my first child, she was perfectly happy when she was in the bassinet next to my bed but as soon as I tried to move her into her own room into the cot she wouldn't sleep and cried all night. I tried everything to get her to stay in there sleeping in the cot with her, sleeping on the floor with my hand in the cot, rocking her to sleep first and then putting her in and even letting her cry (which in turn made me cry)....the list goes on...but none of it the end we gave up on the cot and brought her a little toddler bed. She got out of bed for the first couple of nights and came into our room and I put her back down but within a couple of days she was happy in there. I think knowing that she wasn't trapped in bed and she could get out and come to us if she needed to really helped to settle her down. My little girl was a bit older than your son though she was almost 1year when she went into the bed. Good luck =)

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I'm sorry to say, but you may have to give him some really tough love. As in, let him cry! If he isn't in danger or pain, let him cry. Make sure you start a routine like bath, pjs, story, crib at the same time every night. That should ease his anxiety. (I got this tip from the book "What to Expect the First Year") Try not to waver too much on the routine or the bedtime or else it may just screw up your efforts.

Then, say goodnight and leave the room. Go back in 10 minutes to check on him, and to let him know you're still near, then leave. Check on him again in 15 mins, then 20, 25, 30 etc until he falls asleep.

The first time I gave my daughter a bed time she cried for 4 hours! After doing the same thing at the same time every night for a week she only cried for an hour. After 2 weeks she didn't cry at all, in fact she looks forward to our story time! (I do too)

Good luck with bed time!

Sarah - posted on 02/06/2010




With Alex i started puttng him in his crib at 2 months. He was young enough that he didn't really notice a difference. I never let him sleep with me in my bed. But i mean everyone has different methods. Its just feeling it out to see what works best for the both of you.

Sheree - posted on 02/06/2010




I had the same problem, but mine occurred when we moved house and my little girl didnt like her new room. I never wanted her to be in our bed but like you said at least you got some sleep, i even tried jumping in the cot with my daughter to get her to go to sleep and that didnt work either. I read another lady's post on here the other day that when she coudlnt get her LO out of her bed, she put the cot next to her bed with the removable side off, (so close that they cant fall between the bed and cot) so the baby still felt like it was in her bed, as soon as i read it i did the same. My little one has been in her cot since we did it. It has only been a few days, but my goodness having our bed back is amazing. Its only a small step as after a few weeks when my daughter is used to it, i will try moving her back to her room. Hope this works for you too :)

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