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Tammy - posted on 08/20/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am currently a stay at home mom and love it..sometimes...but i am running out of ideas to keep the kids busy! Currently my girls are 3 1/2, 18 mo, and 4 weeks. Please let me know if you have any good ideas or fun things to do with the kids(cheap is good, cuz im broke too!) im not really a fan of takin them out to much, just because the baby is still so young. Outside and art activities are good too....thanks in advance!!


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Stacy - posted on 08/21/2009




With my 21mon I take some vanilla pudding seperate it and then put food coloring in it and give him some papper and let him paint with it! He loves it and its part of a snack! I also made ediable playdo just give him cookie cutters and away he goes!

Jenny - posted on 08/21/2009




Something I learned from my grandma who owned a preschool for 17 years (and my kids, 5 & 2, love it) is to give them a paintbrush and a bucket of water, outside of course. :) Mine paint the driveway and the sidewalk, pretend to wash their tricyles, etc. They can easily do this several times a week for 30-40 minutes each time when the weather is warm. Good luck!

Heather - posted on 08/20/2009




me and my kids are always outside, i set up the backward with a clubhouse or we do th park or go for walks

Erica - posted on 08/20/2009




I just picked up a book called "Unplugged Play" for my 2 year old daughter. It has lots of ideas for things they can do with you and by themselves. Plus it has ideas from 1-2 years all the way up to 10 or 12 years. It also has a list of all the things you can stock your house with so that your kids have lots to do. The best part is that none of it involves electronic items.

Tammy - posted on 08/20/2009




Thanks Ladies for some ideas!! Im looking i guess for some creative art ideas too. We actually have our dining room set up as "learning room". with posters, abc, colors, and number posters. plus i hang all the kids art work every week. i do flashcards with both of them but sometimes they get really bored. so we are looking for some art things i can throw into the week. (or outside things)

Thank you so much for your help!!! :)

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Get some flash cards to put up around the house...colors, numbers, clock ones or even spanish..etc. Your 18 month will see how fun learning is from your 3 yr old and later reward them=)

Danielle - posted on 08/20/2009




coloring books and story books. not only that but getting the 3 year old to help cleaning. just give em a rag and let them dust. you would be suprised how much they love it.

Anita - posted on 08/20/2009




Hi Tammy...

If the weather is good and u have a backyard...u can always set up a lil cubby house with your kdis using anything really and p;lace a few cushions to sit on and have a lil "tea party" with the kids or picnic lunch...after that u can do things like hand panting or drawings...have the the kids maybe help u in the garden with some weeding or planting seeds for vegie garden (kids are good at digging soil!!)...set up for them to crawl under..hop to,.. jump on.....u can make your own tee-ball (instead of using a tennis ball which will be too hard and it may injure the lil 18mth old u cna use a balloon)..and have the kid hit it around....hide some special gifts or snacks the kids like to eat and see if they can find it...the list is really endless...what u can do inside u can defiinately do outdoors when weather is nice...

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