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Antoinette - posted on 03/30/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




ok you can virtualy *smack* me if i'm being to crazy., so we just got a potty for Isis, and she doesn't really get it.. we just bought it sat, dso it's still early, but i was thinking, i wanted to pee in it to show her what goes in there.. not poo, and of course i would do proer cleraning after.. but am i being to desprate.. i would like her to maybe start moving towards wanting to use the potty?? i don't know?? should i just chill out n out the potty a way or try a lil harder for a week or two more, then see... but in my head me peeing in it will be a visual fast track to her wanting to???


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Jane - posted on 03/31/2010




visual is good, i agree w/it but show her on the regular toilet so she has a long term goal. also, grab a dvd and a book. put the book in w/her nighttime books every night and put the dvd on at the same time each day, breakfast or lunch. she'll get it, not right away, but she will.
good luck!

HEIDI - posted on 03/30/2010




Your daughter has to be ready, and unfortunately it is her timeframe and not yours. Keep the potty visible, encourage her to use it, go to and request their free potty training video, buy her a doll that is geared towards potty training, let her pick out "big girl" underwear, etc. What you can't do is get frustrated that she isn't doing it now because she will feel that pressure and resist the process altogether. Good luck I just potty trained my 3rd, and they were all different when it came to what worked for them and how old they were. Each child is unique, but eventually they all figure it out.

Krista - posted on 03/30/2010




I dont think there is any harm in showing her! LoL...Ive learned with my 17 month old you gotta do whatever works for YOUR kid! All kids learn differently! Good Luck!

Jayde - posted on 03/30/2010




i started potty training my lil girl when she was 3 mths of her third bday. U know in uirself when ur child is ready. She knew what wees and poos were so i though now wou.d b a good time to satrt, At first i was like every 2 min "u need to go toilet u need to go toilet" and i was on her back i put knickers on her and sdhe qwould just wet them for two days i doid this then i did sum reasearch on the net. It said not to hound ur child and just ket things take their course. So i did. I took her knoickers off and let her realise when she was doing a wee on the tiles (i had tiles so alot easier to clean up) then i'd clean it up and say next time we try to make it to the toilet (also she went to daycare once a week so they taught her to) It took alot of pino clean but finally after wetting the floor she went to the toilet i had put her there every 30 mins or so and she did a wee in the toilet. I yelled and shouted IM SO PROUD OF u ur a big girl and weel done ANd nanny b so proud of u and after that she started to go to the toilet herself u jst have to realx and it wont happen overnight she still wears pullups for bedtime tho she sumtimes still forgets tho when she is playing or she will pee if she is outside it took 1 mnth for her to fullt trasined in the day might b quicker for otherrs or longer just depends on ur chil hope this helps good luck

Gale - posted on 03/30/2010




Leave the potty chair out in the livingroom so she can be exposed to it, let her know that big girls pee on the potty, encourage her to just sit on it and give her a hug and kiss for just sitting there. Once you have her doing that and she is used to it, put the potty chair back in the bathroom and when you have to go potty have her go with you and say do you have to pee to and get her to copy you of pulling your pants down and sit down on the toilet, kids learn by seeing. You can always put a little bit of water in your potty chair so she can hear it hit the water like when mommy goes on the potty. When she does potty on the toilet give her an M&M or you can always do a sticker chart, 1 sticker for sitting on the potty, 2 stickers for peeing, and 3 for pooping. My son loved his sticker chart, bring her to the store with you and let her pick out the stickers. I just used a calender and had my son put the stickers on them. You can always bring her to a store and let her pick out big girl undies and let her know when she stays dry and pees on the potty all the time, she will get to wear them, could be an incentive for her to train. Good Luck. My thought potty training is the hardest and most stressful part of parenting. As someone else posted, just need to let them go at there pace, they will train when they are ready, its just the parents having to introduce them to it.

Sarah - posted on 03/30/2010




i would just let her use it as a chair for a bit than move it in the bathroom with u and have her come in when u got to use the bathroom have her copy u and if she ends up peeing in the chair give her a treat a candy or maybe a special the little happy meal toys.

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lol, at amy.. thats how i feel, hey whats the worst that can happen. but i fell like maybe i already started making mistakes b.c i haven't been really consitent, i know since but sunday morn i put her on the potty as soon as she worke up, put on her pull up.. but haven't really done much with it since. but thank you ladies.. i guess i need to be a lil more consistant, and we will see how it goes.. yeah i might try it when my her dad goes back to work, he''l be freaked out..hahah! but a mothers goota do what she's gotta do.. thank you again!!!!!

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Well, with my frist child I killed myself trying to get him to potty train. i started trying at 18 months and kept going at it. Then I was told that he would do it when he was ready. Finally at 3 years old he trained. So it was right for Logan that he would do it in his own time. With Parker, our second child, he was a pro at it buthe also had his big brother to show him and he thought he was as big as Logan if he peed like he did. Parker was out of diapers at 19 months and never used one again, not even at night. Ive never bought pull-ups and never will. They are a diaper is all. If a child cant feel hes wet then its a diaper. I put mine in underwear from day one and went with it. Logan was our experiment child but Ive got it figured out now. Our almost 14 month old has even peed in the toilet bc of watching his 2 big brothers. Good luck with the training. Feel free to email me at

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i would try it whats the worst that can happen? right? maybe try letting her put the potty in he living room with the tv. i know its kinda gross but lay a towel down set the potty on it, put her on the potty while she watches her favorite show and maybe she will potty while waching it and realize its really fun to go potty. we done that with all my neices and nephews and it worked with them. one was potty trianed in about 2 weeks! good luck

Sarah - posted on 03/30/2010




You peeing in there will not do much for her. I am not sure how old your daughter is, but it will take time. If she is younger than 2 yrs old it may take longer because she is young. Leave the potty out and when you go potty let her sit on the potty, but don't force it. If she does not want to sit let it be. Right now you are introducing the potty to her and letting her get the understanding of it. The easiest way I found to have them figure out how to pee on the potty is when they are waking up dry in the morning is putting them on the potty right away. Then you make a BIG deal of them peeing in the potty (I also did a treat like a tootsie roll or jelly bean). Another time that is good for them to sit on the potty is right before they take a bath. Often times the water will make them have to go. This gives them the idea that if I pee in the potty I get hugs,kisses, and a treat. The next step for them is figuring out how to control the peeing. This is where age comes into play. She will need to develop the muscles to control her peeing and there is not much you can do to help that....just have to wait. I often times say potty training is much like walking. There are many things you can do to help encourage them, but until they are ready physically and emotionally it will not happen.

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