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Help choosing a sippy cup

Jessica - posted on 11/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 6month old daughter is pushing her bottle away and refusing to eat from it. So I thought i would try to give her a sippy cup to see if she is ready to move up. There are so many to choose from any suggestions on which one i should start with? I know with her being so young I will want to start with the silicone nipple kind but I just dont know what type...Please Help


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Laura - posted on 11/06/2010




For a six mo old I would use the ones with the handles on the sides they worked good for us. When they get older I liked the playtex one's withthe straws and the Gerber Graduates with the hour glass shape.

Amanda - posted on 11/05/2010




Have you thought about something other than a sippy cup? My son began "using" a small plastic cup when he was about 6 months old. He is great with it now-at 13 months. I would not put just water in it at that age though, as my son choked a lot on water; he still has trouble, but it's not so bad now. Also, my sister found these cups from Playtex that have straws that can be closed. My son got these for his birthday, and he LOVES them! They are great too, because the lids secure-unlike his other cups, so I can leave them in the play room for him to drink from at his leisure. Good luck!

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I can't find a link to the one we liked the most (we tried them all) but it was made by Gerber and had the silicone spout. They all say they are spillproof but eventually, not so much. They all work pretty well for their intended purposes but we preferred the Gerber ones. Also, get something with handles when you start out. We found that our son could grip handles easier than he could just the cup.

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