help!!! cure for eczema!

Toya - posted on 11/02/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok. So my son has had it since he was ab 4 ...hes 9 now. From the time he wakes up and from the time he goes to sleep he scratching. I use the dove bar for sensitive skin, i wash his clothes in all hypoallergic. He has been tested for allergies as well. Even though the creams may moisturize his skin, it seems he doesnt get any relief. I feel bad as a parent bc i dont know what the "trigger" is. Its like the doctors really dont know but theyll prescribe stuff all day ....hes used so many rx topicals and he still has same results. Im afraid to keep switching up bc i dont want anything to harm him.So here i am reaching out...if u know anything that is seriously ok...please let me not sure if skin color matters but we are a.american...i wish theres a way to show pics on here but i dont see that im all ears


Michelle - posted on 11/02/2014




My dermatitis was triggered by bars of soap. It didn't matter if they were for sensitive skin or not. I can only use shower gel.
My son can't use soap either, he has to use a gel like me.
I have found that using products with a tea tree oil base work well. It's a natural antiseptic and helps calm down the itch.

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