Help!!! He won't sleep in his room.

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Hi, my son is 3 years old and will not sleep in his room. I have tried sleeping with him until he falls asleep but as soon as I leave he starts crying and screaming waking my 1year old up ( who sleeps in her bed in her room with no problem). I really need some ideas on how to get him to be a big boy and sleep in his bed . Someone please help me.

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Hello, I had the same problem with two of my children. I evantually got my second to youngest into her own room by making it an exciting thing. Don't exaggerate the fact that it's a "new" bedroom because for some children the word "new" is big and scary. Start to decorate the room with the child, so that the child can see that it's just a room and no ghosts/monsters/tiger etc... make sure he doesn't have any toys or pictures in there that he feels are scary or threatening. So on the first night, don't mention it at all until it comes up, so take your child up to the new room and explain that this is now his room and that it was going to be his "cosy nest" or some nice name like that. get him into bed, then read him a story, not one that is scary, he finds strange or mentions anything to do with monsters or boogie-men etcetera, a story that he is familiar with and finds reassuring. Show him his drink by his side and all the little friends (toys and teddies) are with him. explain how your just down-stairs/in the next room and that you are right there for him. Tell him that all other children do it, and that his such a big boy. Also, what some children find reassuring is if there's a source of communication between you and the child, my son wanted the moniter right next to his bed, and explain that if you just say "mummy" then you will up to his bedroom and can hear everything. Also, what's really important is that you don't force or over-encourage it, gradually bring sleeping in a big-boy room up more and more. Make sure he feels completely secure. Hope this helps :)

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