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Help my 4 1/2 year old has dropped to the 25th centile,I am finding it really hard, he won't eat!

Claire - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




he only eats fish fingers, potato waffles, chicken, petit flouis, ham and breakfast cereal! He refuses any food made with sauces or gravy, soup, veg of any description. When I do try and get him to put something new in his mouth, he will gag they vomit! help!!


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Kimberly - posted on 03/10/2010




Well my son is the same way he is 4 going on 5 he is the same way wont eat what i make i tried to make him eat it but he starts to throw up and gag i had talked to my doc. and she said it is a stage that alot of kids go threw as long as you give them their daily viatims they should be good and as they grew up the eating habbits will change

Louise - posted on 03/10/2010




my 3 yr old daughter is verry fussy but i find i can get her to try something new if she helps cook it ( just helping by stiring or pouring).

Alina - posted on 03/10/2010




I hope this helps. My son's weight used to bother me and I discussed it with the pediatrician. He has very picky eating habits. The pediatrician told me a kid won't let himself starve and will eat when they're hungry. He said to let him eat the foods I knew he would eat, and keep trying to introduce new things . The main thing is that there are things he will eat, so feed him those and try not to worry too much. I know as a Mom you're concerned, but he'll be fine.

[deleted account]

Try to sneak extra fat in to his diet by using real butter and whole milk. Maybe make him some fruit smoothies in the blender or see if he will drink Ovaltine or carnation instant breakfast. It takes several attempts before a child will accept a new food (I once read 10 attempts) so don't give up.

[deleted account]

I've been in the same boat! But with my oldest, she would only eat chicken nuggets for meat, potato bread for was hard to get her to try anything new. I started giving her V8 Splash juice (has carrots in it), and putting pureed fruit into pancakes. So he won't eat pizza or spaghetti either? Some kids love it even if they make a mess...

Adrienne - posted on 03/10/2010




Your 4.5 year old sounds like my 2.5 year old. If we try to make him eat something he doesn't want he will gag and vomit. So I stopped forcing him to eat things. He is slowly starting to try things on his plate but still will gag and say "yucky". My son wouldn't eat veggies so we started giving him the baby jarred veggies again which he calls "soup". I talked to my old daycare lady and her son was the same way and didn't start eating better until he was like 7 years old.

Maura - posted on 03/10/2010




Dear Claire, I understand your concern for your son's health. I think that you shouldn't over-react to what is a common phenomenon among some kids. He's eating protein and some carbohydrates and is still within a healthy weight. It is not necessarily unhealthy to be in the 25th percentile. Forcing food on him is most likely going to increase his food aversions and delay his coming out of this phase. Many kids who go through this come out of it in a year or two, most by age 12 or so. Most of the literature says it is not an act of defiance against you, but an inner aversion to many foods, some think allergies might be involved too. Does get sick all the time? Is he lacking in energy? If not, then I wouldn't be alarmed. Although it is understandably frustrating to cook separate meals all the time. My daughter is almost nine and only recently has added a few more foods. We give her chewable children's vitamins for the vegetable deficit. It would be a much bigger concern if your child were overweight (unless he is sick all the time). My sister was like this as a child and she grew up to be healthy, athletic, and loves her vegetable garden now. I hope my daughter is the same. In the meantime, a mother's anxiety or the forcing of food usually backfires. My friend's parents used to make her drink milk and punish her when she vomitted it -- of course now she knows she has lactose intolerance and that her body was trying to tell her that as a little girl. Speak to your doctor, but it sounds like you can relax and try in a playful way, every once in a while, to introduce a new food. Good luck.

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