HELP! My 4-legged baby has fleas!

Jennifer - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok, I know this is my fault. I know better than to fall behind on flea prevention, but after the huge allergic reaction my dog had after the one I used before, I was scared to try something else. Anyway, he has them now, and I need help on getting rid of them. I found them last night, and ran to walmart and grabbed the Adams flea treatment (the kind you put between the shoulder blades). I kept looking at him today, and didn't see any moving around anymore. I waited the 24hrs like the pkg said, and gave him a bath tonight. I first washed him with dreft, since that was what I have been told to use on him because of his sensetive skin, and it seems to be the only thing that helps his "normal" itching from allergies. After washing like crazy and seeing a ton of dead fleas go down the drain, I dried him off with a towl. I then saw a couple live fleas still moving around on the towl. So, I then washed him with dawn dish soap since I didn't have a flea dip, and have been told it works wonders on getting rid of fleas. After that bath, I used a clean towl to dry him off, and didn't see any fleas on that. A few minutes later, he started scratching again, and I seen a live flea jump off! I have spent all day using a steam cleaner on the carpets, washing all bedding (his and ours), using my hand held steamer on couches, chairs, and mattresses, and even washing all the kids stuffed toys/play clothes. I of course didn't get all the carpets scrubbed today, but I did get all the main ones, and will get the rest tomorrow. I just thought the flea treatment I used on him should be killing any fleas attacking him by now. I don't know if I should wait a few days and try some frontline, or what. Maybe I'm not giving it enough time, and the other stuff hasn't been able to kill them all yet. I do plan on getting a fogger once I have scrubbed everything to get the ones that have escaped my cleaning. If anyone has any suggestions, please help! I'm going absolutely nuts knowing there are little bugs in my house (I admit, I have a phobia), and my poor little (well I guess not so little, he is a pure breed chocolate lab) baby is suffering!


Patricia - posted on 09/06/2012




OK my friend had a huge problem with fleas when she moved into her new home. I had some problems too a while back. She suggested this stuff from lowes called Diatomaceous Earth. I have used it too, it's very safe around children and pets and it gets rid of the fleas and kept them from coming back. The brand is Garden Safe and the label says Crawling Insect killer containing Diatomaceous Earth. It comes in a 4lb bag and can be used inside and outside. Good Luck.

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