Help! My 4 yr old still wears a Pullup to bed

Shannon - posted on 11/05/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 4 year old daughter is still wearing a pull up to bed @ night & it's always wet in the morning! Shortly after she was potty trained we've been trying to take it all the way w/ nothing at night. I've tried limiting her fluids for the 2 hours before bed time. Giving incentives for being dry in the am; nothing was working. Finally, right after her 4th birthday I decided I had enough! My 3 year old son just finished his potty training & was close to no longer wearing anything @ night. (yes- I know each kid is different, especilly when they're different genders). On a Friday night w/ a stack of clean sheets & some flat pee pads (like the ones in the hospital- my mom in law us a nurse)NO more pull ups! My husband & I talked to her about getting up to go potty in the middle if the night, etc. I also woke her before we went to bed around 10 pm & set my alarm for 1am, then my husband would get her up @ 445 am (when he got up) & so on. But we never made it past the 1am wake up. Around 3am my husband would get a tap in his shoulder w/ her saying she wet the bed. This went on every night for a week!
What else can I try?! Is she just not ready? Please- any suggestions??? Thanks, Shannon


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Shannon - posted on 11/06/2009




Thank you all for your help! I'm going to try a few things out.
I love this group! With in 2 days I had nemerous responses & helpful suggestions! Thanks so much for taking the time out in your busy day to help me. And as a fellow stay @ home mom- I know how busy that can get! Thanks again! Shannon

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Well, what someone told me to try when I start potty training mine, is to go straight to the underwear instead of the pull-ups. I was told that pull-ups feel too much like a diaper, and that when they go to underwear, it definitely doesn't feel the same. The person that told me this had had a lot of problems with her first one, and when she tried that, she was potty trained in a week. Same with her other one. I'd try putting whatever protection you would have over the mattress she's on, and maybe that'd work over a short (hopefully) period of time. Hope all goes well.

Donna - posted on 11/05/2009




I got a flyer from the hospital about this as my step daughter is 8 and still wears pull ups at her mums house but when she stays with us she doesn't we've had to change her wet bed twice in one night!!!! Anyway the flyer said that they will eventually grow out of it on their own they are not doing it because they are lazy and all kids will mostly grow out of it by the time they are 10 or 11. If they are wetting themselves through out the day thats when you need to worry.

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I have heard that some children just have troubles with the night time. It is not their fault, Maybe talk to her docter about it and see if there is anything they recommend. I would think though if you took away the pullups and she had to keep waking up after she wet the bed eventually she would get sick of it and realize she needs to wake up. Also right before she lays down take her to go potty and make sure she goes.

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my son is 7yo and he is on minerin tablets to help. they have decreased the bed wetting, not stopped it completely

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My little brother wet the bed everynight all the way to age 10. They FINALLY did an ultrasound on his bladder and discovered that it was the size of a two year olds. I would suggest that you not worry until it shows signs of not stopping when she starts school. Then there is pull ups overnights for big kids. It is perfectly normal for some kids to wet the bed for years. Not every childs bladder grows at the same rate, eventually it will catch up to her though!

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Caryn- Thank you. My son has his 3 yr check up next wk & I will mention it to the pedi & see if he thinks it something we should arrange her own visit for. The idea of making her responsible for the clean up is a good idea. She dies clean herself up & put wet cloths in hamper, but I didn't think to have her help w/ the sheets. Thank you again for the good ideas! Keep them coming...

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Is this an every night occurance or just something that happens quite often? If its every night I'd recommend talking to her pedi since she is 4she should be able to stay dry a little more than she is. I don't think at this point limiting her liquids is helping much since she is still wetting the bed. I would suggest just continueing to use pull-ups and hope that maybe she outgrows it sooner rather than later..
A lot of 'big' kids wet the bed at night, they just can't help that they do it. My 5yr old does but its very rare, mostly when shes stressed because of some type of change in her life. What we do for those nights is she is responsible for helping me clean herself up (wash herself, change clothes, put dirty clothes in the hamper, ect) and I clean her bed. I make her a pallet on the floor and thats where she sleeps the rest of the night.

Shannon - posted on 11/05/2009




Thanks, I figured I wasn't alone on thus, but it's still nice to hear! Thanks again.

Rachel - posted on 11/05/2009




I wouldn't be too concerned with it. My daughter is also 4 and still wears her pull-ups to bed. Somedays, she will wake up dry but most of the time, its wet. I think at that age, its hard for them to recognize the need to wake up and go to the bathroom. I think as long as they mainly go on the potty, night time bathroom trips will come as they get a little older. good luck!

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