Help! My 7 month old is taking cat naps. How do I get him back to his 2 hour naps?

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My 7 mo old has decided he doesn't want to take his 2 hour naps. I am looking for ways to get him back on schedule. Also he isn't sleeping through the night any advice.


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my 6 n half months baby girl are exactly like yours.2-3weeks ago,she naps really well 2hours 3times per day. After she knows how to roll over,she only took 30-40mins nap. if i put her on her back, she keep on rubbing her face until she wakes herself up. if i put her on her side, she wants to roll over n wakes herself up. But she will nap longer like 1-1.5hours if i put her on stomach. I am a new mom n i desperately want my baby girl to get better nap.

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Definitely try waiting longer before you put him down. We have a white noise machine that works wonders for us. Also make sure it's dark in his room for his naps. I find that my son sleeps much better when he's spent time outside that day. The fresh air really wears him out, I know it can be hard in the winter when it's really cold but get him a good snow suit and let him have at least 15 minutes a day outside.

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With the time change it might be a little harder to get them back into a schedule since everything is all messed up for awhile. Try to wake him up at the same time in the morning. Do a lot of playing while he is up. If it is nice where you live try going outside. I find that my kids would always sleep better having been out in the fresh air. Don't let him cat nap during the time he should be up. For awhile you may have to avoid running errands as much as possible. Then lay him down at the same time everyday for his naps. At 7 months usually they are still doing a morning nap and an afternoon nap, but go with what you feel your child needs. Keep the naps at a certain length, unless they are sick or you feel need that extra long nap that day. I tend to keep the morning nap to about 1-1.5 hrs long and the afternoon more of a 2-2.5 hrs. long. Some things that can help them sleep better is having some kind of consistant noise in the room, like a fan or a sound machine with white noise.

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Wow, my daughter Never took 2 hour naps. She usaully took 2 naps a day at that age they were about 1 hour at the longest and she would sleep through the night then wake around 7am for a bottle then go back to bed till 8:30am. Two hours is not neccesary. If you are having a hard time getting him to sleep at all, classical music always helps, Its very soothing! I think at this age 4 hours of napping a day is to much since he is no longer a newborn and if they sleep less during the day he should sleep more sound at night! Good luck!

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Maybe u need to change the time u are trying to put the baby down at or maybe wake up a little earlier so they want to do down for a nap. My daughter did not like taking naps till she was older and now she take 2 hr naps but not all the time and most the time i have to be in the bed with her not sleeping but at least laying next to her. Maybe laying down with them might help too. I think every baby is so different when it comes to nap time. I hope i helped a little if not im so sorry and it will get better

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I would love to hear more opinions on this, I have a 6 1/2 month old, and he is going thru the same thing. Its EXHAUSTING!
He is eating is biggest meal of the day an hour before bedtime, we are doing the hot baths, lavender soap, lavender lotion massage afterwards, he's always dressed extra warm for bedtime, and he wakes up at 11, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6... its ENDLESS!

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try keeping him awake longer before nap time. it will be frustrating at first, but in the long haul, will be worth it. fill up with music time and play time. hide and go seek is sweet at that age. you might have to be on your knees. night time also. keep awake a lil' longer and feed about an hour before bedtime. see if that works.

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