HELP My 8mnth Old daughter has a fever!!

Zuleyka - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 8month old has her first big fever! i gave my daughter .08ml Tylenol at 7pm her fever has been getting higher from 101 up to now 102.1 she wont eat or drink anything not even water or pedia-light. i called the on call doctor and she said there's nothing to do! she probably is getting an ear infection! I don't know what to do!


Rebecca - posted on 04/24/2010




Take her to the ER. Our son got a fever suddenly last October when the H1N1 was starting up in our area and my husband took him to the ER while i stayed at home with our 3 months old daughter and they said to keep giving him tylenol...his fever at this point was 104.3, they said it would be gone in 2 days. 2 days later it was 104.7 so I went back in and i told the Dr i didn't give a crap how many kids she saw in the run of a day i knew my son best and i wasn't leaving without an x-ray and a better answer then "it's just a cold"...20 minutes later he had his x-ray and i was LIVID at the results! His x-ray was white! All the white spaces indicate pneumonia...and there were no dark spots all white so i was very upset. They also did a swab to check for H1N1 and it came back positive. She gave us a prescription and apologized for the Dr 2 nights before and 2 doses of that medicine later and he was acting normal again and running around like a 2yrs should have! Trust your gut! Yes they are Dr's but like i told the Dr i saw...i know my kids better then anyone. If your kid is sick and you know it's not the way they usually are, take them in. DEMAND answers not "it's probably..." You deserve to know what is going on with your child. If you think she is getting an ear infection take her in and say that to the Dr's. Go in with a list of her temps over the last few checks and her symptoms and ask her to be checked nicely. If they don't give you a good enough answer to why she has the fever don't leave the ER until you are comfortable with the answer. In the mean time, get a cool face cloth and rub her face and neck with it. Keep her in light clothing but not so cool that she'll catch a cold or be uncomfortable. Give her a cooler bath then normal. Try not warming her bottle as warm as you usually would either. My son would only take a cool bottle when he was her age.
Good luck!!!!
Good luck!!


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Pamela - posted on 04/24/2010




Motrin is the only thing that would work with all 3 of my children also, but like you and others said Mom knows best go with your gut. If she isn't eating or drinking and the fever is still high then I would go to the ER... she could get dehydrated...and it could also be a sign of a throat infection... I hope your baby is better soon...

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She's 8 mos, she's old enough for motrin, but call the after hours nurse first! My daughter went through that. The tylenol made her fever go up and the only thing that broke it was motrin. Tylenol is good for aches and pains, motrin is good for fever. good luck and either go to the ER or call the after hours nurse and ask about motrin!

Rebecca - posted on 04/24/2010




a fever is a good thing, it means her body is fighting whats wrong and the best thing to do is to just keep her comfortable with cool air and tylenol. But like the other mothers, say if you are concerned go to the ER.

Lily - posted on 04/24/2010




When my kids get fevers we give infant Tylenol from an infant dropper, cool washcloth on forehead and lots of pedialite, formula.. any fluids. If it goes over 101.7 and doesn't go down call your Dr.

Stephanie - posted on 04/24/2010




if the dr said not to worry and you are that concerned- take her to the er. as a ped in our dr office said- mother knows best. or try tylenol every 4 hrs and keep her cool- in a onesie (just don't make her cold or catch a chill)... best of luck

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