help potty training ??????????????

Julie - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




when do you start potty training your little boy? my little one is showing lots of signs i think......


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Lisa - posted on 03/21/2010




you will see signs. This is our second round of potty training. The first time we started I thought he was ready . But I guess not.! I introduced the potty to him 8 months ago. but really didnt go for it until after my second was born. I didnt want to put too much on his plate. Potty training and bring a baby home. Now that my second just turned 7 months. My oldest has gotten used to the baby being around. I thought I would go ahead and try again. This time around has been GREAT!!! not that the first time was bad but we started and then stopped on my account.

he turns 3 in may. He loves the potty. I go nuts jumping up and down clapping my hands making a BIG deal when he goes!! He thinks its funny to see mommy get ridiculously happy! we also have a reward system., I put a poster board above his potty and I hive him a sticker every time he goes. He loves it. When he reaches the teddy bear at the end of the sticker poster. I plan on giving him a surprise. I dont know what yet. But all he know is he wants to put a sticker next to the bear. I also bought boy underware. No diapers during the day. This can get messy at first so I asked him every 30-45 min for the first day. But after that he has gottten all on his own. This is our 4th day and he goes to the bathroom alone and screams "i did it" I dont remind him. I dont take him . he just does it!

I feel super lucky. I have heard some crazy stories. I think it's easy!

But I might be singing a different song when it comes to my second boy!

Good luck! Just be super Patient! and have fun! :-)

Danielle - posted on 03/20/2010




whenever you feel they are ready. around 2 is usually when a lot of moms start.

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