Help! Sick baby :(

Heather - posted on 03/17/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son has a runny nose bad, you can hear it when he breaths tha he is congested and he is super gassy...I've given his gas drops and a little benedryl but it's not gotten better...Any help is greatly appreciated!{No fever, just checked it}


Denise - posted on 03/17/2010




Run a humidifier at night. Not a cool mist, but one that produces steam. You just need to be careful that the little ones don’t go near it. That should break up some of the congestion. How old is your son? My baby had this last month, and the Dr. said he was too young for medicine. So, we just had to wait it out running the humidifier, and using the bulb to clean him out. You can also run the hot water in the shower and then take him in the bathroom to breath in the steam. Good luck!


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Vicky - posted on 03/20/2010




my daughter at 10months just went through this..she had a viral infection just after i did but our symptoms were different..she had lots of snot & was put off her food/milk also. the doctor prescribed a small amount of cold & flu medicine for her & after 2 days she has really improved & we also used a room steam vaporiser which helped clear the nose as well as saline nose drops all of the time to clear it out (even though it is very runny you need to get all of the snot out which causes the continued congestion!)..she had a fever 2 days before the actual runny nose began so if u r concerned that it is not clearing up i'd be seeing a doctor.
also change all sheets & try to keep alot of toys away until it subsides to avoid re-infection & clean any toys that they play with on a daily basis with antibacterial wipes & also yourself clean hands constantly so it doesnt pass back & forth!

Alyssa - posted on 03/18/2010




Take him to the doctor tomorrow and see if they can give him anything. Good luck.

Jane - posted on 03/18/2010




a cool mist humidifer, vicks rub on his chest, saline drops up his nose. he may be gassy b/c he can't breath when he's drinking so he's taking in air when he drinks. also, when you go to the store to get all of this stuff, get a crib wedge. put it under his mattress at the head of it. it will help him be a little upright so he can breath better. all of that mucus when you're laying down is tough on their throats and keeps them congested. good luck! if you can't find a crib wedge, you can put a standard bed pillow under his mattress. some people don't like to do that, do what you're comfortable with. i always use an asprirator as well. they hate it, but i feel better cleaning all of that gunk out of their noses.

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My daughter is going through the same thing. She has a horrible runny nose and is very horrible wheezing sound. Have you taken your son to the doctor? I took my daughter to the Dr. and they said she had the Croup and to keep her room cool at night when she sleeps. She's going back tomorrow for a check up to see if she is fine.

Christy - posted on 03/17/2010




Elevate the crib mattress by putting a pillow under just the head of the mattress. Do not put a really thick one though or the baby ends up at the bottom : ) I use a fairly flat cheap pillow. Some thin blankets or wedge pillows can also be used, but the pillow is just easy and cheap. Good luck.

Ivy - posted on 03/17/2010




You can rub some baby vicks or snuffle babe on his chest. That does really help. Also elevate his mattress a bit as it will help him breathe a bit easier. My doctor also told me that saline nasal spray for babies can help as well. Although I just used the vicks on my daughters chest and elevated her during her sleep. Make sure you air the room daily as it will help get the stuffiness out and give some fresh air in but don't leave it too late as you don't want it to be too cold for you baby. If possible, keep him inside as much as possible as the cold weather will make it worse.

My daughter used me as her personal lounger when she had her cold. She would sleep, ask for food when she was hungry and watch tv all on me. lol Normally she is a very active baby/toddler (image tiger, but more energy lol) but when she had a cold she was the most subdued I've seen and that is saying a lot.

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