Help! sleep training a 13 1/2 month old is a nightmare! how did you do it?

Patricia - posted on 06/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son doesn't have a soothing tecnnique or a lovey. How do they get one? and he only sleep REALLY well IF i am by his side the whole time. So that means i can't do anything ever when he is sleeping. I want to work out while he naps but he wakes up every 30-40 minutes. Then at night he'll wake up as soon as i leave his side or withint 30 minutes from leaving him! arh.

Confession: today was bad, i was so frustrated that he did not go to sleep that i left him to cry it out, and STILL he wouldn't sleep then HE really couldn't sleep, i rocked him to sleep and he kept waking up.....i've used cry it out about 3 times including today, it doesn't work for him and he has no self soothing ability....

any ideas, anyone have a similiar experience?



Crystal - posted on 06/11/2010




I feel your pain!!

My daughter was like that for a long time, now she is fully trained to go to bed at the same time every night. In fact it was pretty easy, but not for everyone.

I heard that you should always have a nightly routine...bath, brush teeth, pajamas, snuggle time or story time, and then bed. I brush her teeth, put her pajamas on, have her give daddy night night kisses and hugs, and then I lay her down and she has no choice.

At first I had to start the routine, then I put her to bed at the same time every night. Then I turn on the nightlight, but we use a crib toy, its a swinging monkey with a water fall, and it sings and has jungle noises. It is really relaxing to her and it stays on for about ten minutes or so. I turn it on and then leave and say I love you goodnight baby. I close the door and turn all the hall lights off and thats it. If she is still crying after about 15 minutes, I go back in lay her back down, turn on the monkey thing again, and leave, no good nights no words at all. not even light if I can help it. Then I repeat but after 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, and then an hour. not every 15 minutes. Only the first time. This helped us a lot. after just a couple nights I was able to get her down after just one visit.

My daughter also doesn't have a "lovey" she has a sippy cup of water. Something about having that cup in her arms for bed helps her a lot. I only allow water after her teeth are brushed at night, no matter what.

If she is sick I let her sleep with me sometimes, but usually she continues to sleep in her room. I've also heard of people using nightlights, or the glowworm toys that light up. I like the monkey thing, because it has bubbles and the moving monkey and the light and the sounds...I hope this helps. Good Luck!! feel free to ask me more questions if you need to.

Also by doing this, it helps with nap times automatically. I usually hold her for naps and then move her to the couch cushion next to me for the rest of her naps, and if she wakes up I just let her cuddle into my lap but I do not hold her. usually she sleeps just fine on the couch with me though.



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Patricia - posted on 06/17/2010




Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate it, we are not the most predictable people, and i'm trying so hard to maintian a schedule with my son,! but thanks for responding, I'm let ya know what we did, I am definately gonna look for that crib toything...thanks

Michelle - posted on 06/12/2010




there was a technique that super nanny used that worked for my second child who was similar. this technique involves you giving him a sleep routine, dinner, a little play, bath, cuddle time (reading a book) and then bedtime. I usually sing a lullaby about now, as I am walking from the lounge room to the bedroom and tucking them in (well when the boys were babies that is). At this point, to create a new routine, have a nightlight on, and sit right by the cot. Do not look at them or talk to them, this is just a reassurance that you are still there. If they get out of bed, then simply put them back into bed and give them a kiss on top of the head, still do not talk to them. Do this for a week.
The next week move closer to the door. do the same for a week.
The next week, sit just outside the door, for a week.
Then their routine should have changed, because they know you are still there.
Introducing a new routine is hard, and while this is time consuming, is it really more time consuming than you are doing now? I did this and it is something that worked a treat, The crying made me cry at first, but then I would just get a song stuck in my head and keep singing it to myself knowing I was just changing a routine and that he had to learn that I was always going to be there and there is nothing to be afraid of.

there is another option, but it too will be time consuming. You could introduce the bed instead of the cot. Take him shopping for a quilt cover, his choice, and set it up for him. You may need to bunk beside the bed in the room for a bit, but explain that mummy won't fit on the bed, adn that it is a big boy bed. He will continually get out of it, but in my experience that always happens when you introduce the bed because they feel it is sudden freedom. Do the same when introducing it though, sit by the bed, then the door then outside the door. some will tell you not to introduce a bed until they are 2, my sons both went into a bed at 1 and they are fine

Paula - posted on 06/11/2010




my son is 13 months old too and we have been having the same issue. and OMG I hate it I have a 2.5yo and he was just a natural sleeper so this is killing me. But we found a crib toy think that sings and has a show and puts a show on the ceiling ours has a timer and a remote and honsetly i do not know where it came from but it has been a life saver maybe try something like that and also making sure he is warm helped. Good luck!!!!

its similar to a Fisher Price Flutterbye Dreams Crib Soother Baby Toy try googling it maybe sorry]]=

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