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Hello All!

I have a lovely 17 month old daughter who I am still nursing twice a day--once before her afternoon nap, and again before bed. I've read a lot about how best to approach the weaning process but I'm really struggling--she just doesn't seem to want to give it up, but I am SOOOOO ready!

Over the last few weeks I've tried my best to give her as much milk as possible via a sippy cup before I nurse her. She seems to do pretty well--my milk seems to be decreasing, however she refuses to drink from the sippy cup while I sit with her in the rocking chair. This poses a bit of a problem simply because I don't know how to soothe her before bed with a sippy cup when all she wants to do is nurse. I'm afriad that I'll simply have to give her a sippy cup and put her straight into her crib with it---BUT I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO THIS!

What has worked for ya'll? Please let me know of anything that might help. Thanks so much!


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Try starting a different habit for the bedtime routine. Do the sippy cup and then brush teeth after. When you sit to cuddle try reading a book and singing some songs. If it is working ok and she is nursing less and less at night you can slowly wean that down. When you nurse don't read or sing. Have that be a thing you do after you nurse, so it becomes a seperate habit. That way hopefully it will get to the point where you are just reading and singing. So the first night nurse 10 mins (or however long you are nursing now after the sippy) and then read and sing. Then every night after that cut down the time you allow her to nurse by 1 min. This will most likely not seem like a big difference, but will help in decreasing the time without her realizing it too much. With you reading and singing after she is getting used to a different way to fall asleep.

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I have heard of some moms putting something yucky tasting on their nipples (such as soy sauce or hot sauce). I personally don't think I could ever do that and I have chosen to let my son self wean. But maybe this is something that could work for you? Just a thought.

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