help with a fussy baby n his formula

Robyn - posted on 07/26/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




my son is almost three months old.he tried every type of similac formula for gas n fussiness.even the allimentum.all any of them did was make him even gassier,fussier n not able to poop!i tried emfamil gentlease n he was able to poop,less fussy and passing gas didnt hurt him.well maryland wic would only cover enfamil nutramigen so i figured it couldnt hurt.that made him act like all the similac were back at gentlease.why would even the hypoallengnic make him like that?


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Alvina - posted on 12/06/2015




I know a good organic formula to deal with all tummy troubles in babies and that is baby magic tea. It was a great help when my child was facing the same issues.

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my daughter had terrible gas and fussiness. I also tried all formulas. I agree with the mom about the Dr. Brown's bottles, they were a lifesaver. I also had luck with the Gerber Good Start and the doctor had me give her Milk of Magnesium for reflux (please advice doctor on this). I am not sure about your WIC coverage but the liquid enfamil was a miracle but we were broke until she turned one.

Jessica - posted on 07/29/2011




My son had the same problem with all of the similac Formulas. We put him on Gerber Good Start and he did way better with it. His Dr. wrote a prescription for WIC and WIC provides me with Good Start. You should ask your dr. and wic about having a prescription for it if they will cover it.

Misty - posted on 07/29/2011




If he's not allergic to the formulas...I would strongly suggest changing bottles. Dr. Browns bottles prevent air being "swallowed" while baby eats. The nipples don't collapes and he won't have to strain to suck the formula which also makes him get extra air, causing the gasiness and fussiness. Dr. Browns bottles is the ONLY bottle that should be allowed to be sold. They're a bit pricey, but worth EVERY dime!! As for bowel to your pediatrician...but I would reccommend adding 1/4 of a bottle (Gerber Baby) Prune Juice to his formula. It's good for him and will help his bowels move much easier!! Perhaps you would only need to add it to one bottle a day...or more if needed. Talk to your pediatrician and see if they agree with both or either of my suggestions!!

Amy - posted on 07/28/2011




I so know what you are going through. I have three boys. My middle child had colic so bad that he would only sleep 8 to 10 minutes at a time in a swing. I tried all formulas's. I ended up having to change to cow's milk. I chose cow's milk because I was given it through wic. I gave him the liquid vitamins and added a 1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil (for omega-9) and 1/2 teaspoon expressed Sunflower Oil (for Vitamin E and omega-6) which also help keep away constipation. After I changed to this it took about a week and his colic went away. I found out later his reason for having colic was due to the fact that he is allergic to corn and soy,which in all baby formula. With my youngest son after he constantly had colic with the opposite of constipation, he had chronic diarrhea. That's when we found out he was allergic to milk. I then had to change him to rice milk with liquid vitamins and the the olive oil and sunflower oil as above but I used a little less because rice milk does not cause constipation or gas. I could not use goats milk with him because the protein was to close to cows milk that caused the same reaction as cows milk . I wish you all the best. I will never miss that part of raising my baby's with this problem. After I did the above it was all smiles from there. I hope you have a blessed day..

Ciara - posted on 07/28/2011




My son was really fussy and we switch formula many times. The one that worked best for him was the Enfamil Gentlease. It was the only one that he could digest well. Our WIC wouldn't pay for it either so I signed up to get formula checks from Enfamil and that helped out some.

Melissa - posted on 07/27/2011




My son had acid reflux when he was an infant that caused him to be very colicy. I started out breastfeeding and supplimenting w/ formula, but he weened himself from me @ around 5 months old. Through lots of trial, error, & research I found that the best and only thing to work for him was goat's milk. The thing w/ goats milk is the actual enzymes and molecules are smaller & easier to digest that cow's milk ( think about the size of a baby cow versus a baby goat in relation to the size of your baby... makes more sense don't you think? ;)) I added 1 dropper a day of liquid infant vitamins to a bottle, just to give a little extra vitamin D, because goat's milk doesn't have as much as cows mild or human. Pediatrician not only passed this "new" formula, but was very impressed with the results. She now suggests it to all moms who come through with colicy infants, and so do I :) Give it a try & keep me updated! I used Meyenburg brand goats milk. You can usually find it in a purple & white carton in the dairy section of walmart or your local grocer. I also used the powder for convenience of taking with. I found the powder form at my local health food store. I have a wealth of info on other natural or homeopathic remedies if you ever need more help :)

Cynthia - posted on 07/26/2011




I have known 2 mom's that their babies had horrible tummy issues with every type of formula and 1 was even allergic to breastmilk. Both of them ended up switching to goat's milk and it made a world of difference!!! Might be something worth looking into! I hope it all works out for you and that you can get some rest! I know it's very stressful to have a fussy baby and frustrating when you can't make them feel better!

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