Help with an 8 year old crying at night

Cara - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi guys!
this question is actually asked on behalf of my sister in law and brother. They have a 9 year old daughter who up until about a week ago slept fairly well through the night. Her bedtime was at about 8 and she slept till about 7 30. She always had a bit of fighting in her when it came down to bedtime, but in the end she always went to bed and stayed there. About a week ago she went to bed at 8 and for some reason she got up around 7 or 8 times, crying and saying she was scared. She wanted to sleep with my brother and sister, but they tried to keep her out because they didn't want to start a habit, and my sister is 9 months pregnant and is always uncomfortable. Every night since, she has woken up almost every hour, crying, wailing, saying 'I WANT MY DADDY' or 'IM SCARED'. He tried to lay with her and tried turning her music on low and keeping her lamp on, but she won't give in. I sleep next to her room with my son and my boyfriend, and we are all also kept up from her crying. She will actually come out of her room and cry in the hallway, and when asked why she's scared she says she doesn't know! Has anyone been through this before? How did you break them of the habit? We all need our sleep, so any ideas will help!!


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Rachel - posted on 03/15/2010




first off it sounds like jealousy or uncertainness about the new baby stay strong with the rules get her a flashlight or nightlight have them explain to her she still their special girl and what she can expect for the most part with the new baby on the way have let her help out as much as she willing to with the new baby like getting the diapers picking out the babys clothes she is probably afraid of being replaced goodluck

Alexis - posted on 03/11/2010




Does she have a nightlight? That might help ease her new fear. Also consider giving her a positive phrase to say to herself when she feels scared, something like "Mommy and Daddy are here, they will keep me safe."

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