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I'm a stay at home mom, I have a 2 1/2 month old son and money is getting tight. currently my son, fiance and I are all living in a 9x10 room in my parents house. We really want to try and move out and have friends offering to let us move in with them, but he is the only one working between the 2 of us and that isn't enough to move out. Does anyone know of anyway that I can earn money from home??? Help please!!


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I am a Comfort Specialist with Jockey Person to Person and it is an awesome stay at home business. Jockey P2P carries a line of ladies leisure and active wear that is so comfortable and that can fit almost everyone. They carry sizes from xs to 3xl and short and long pant lengths. Jockey Person to Person have been operating in the US since 2005 and Canada since Oct 2008, it really is a ground floor opportunity and you will love it.

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Hi Destiny,

I am a professional networker. I have a couple of companies I represent but that takes time to build. It sounds like you don't have a lot of time right now.

So, let me refer you to a legit work from home opportunity . They do charge $50 for a background check but they do pay. They do exactly what they say they will. I would suggest checking into network marketing opportunities. Find one that you like and really research it before you get involved. People fail the network marketing industry because they really don't know what to do. People are extremely successful in network marketing because they do know what to do.

Live Ops is not network marketing or mlm. It can help you for now.

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Hi Destiny, It must be stressfull all living in a small space! I just wanted to share with you that I have been working at home for four years now and I would love to share all the details with you. Please email me at or my website is and you can check that out for more information too! Nicole

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I would like some more information. So if you could email me at I would greatly appreciate it.


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I do two things to help earn income.

I keep another child in my house a few days a week. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find several children to care for being that most moms cringe at the thought of daycare. I charge $40/day but I kept her 14 hours when I have her. I have a friend that charges $25/day and keeps 2 kids M-F/8-5. That comes to an extra $250/week for her plus she gets to stay home with her two youngest.

I also have a home based business through a direct sales company. I do my "businessy" stuff while my daughter naps. I do about 1 party a week while my husband watches our daughter. I find that for the amount of work I put in, I get paid quite a lot. I don't want this to be a solicitation so I won't give any more details but if you have questions I would be more than happy to answer them.

Another thing I considered doing was tutoring. I have an education degree and around here tutors go for $20-30/hour (we live in a competetive school system). It just didn't work out because of the little girl I keep. The schedule for her is pretty inconsistent but thats okay. I'm happy to keep her because my daughter gets great enjoyment over having her in our home. Anyway, if you were to tutor, you could tutor one child before school and possibly two after school. If you did that 4 days a week (kids don't want to go to a tutor on Friday afternoons..haha) at $20/hr that would be an extra $240 a week. At $30/hr that would be $360 a week. Where I live parents are desperate for tutors so $30/hr is not unreasonable.

Good luck sweetie! Being a SAHM is wonderful but financially straining at times. I hope these suggestions help or spark another idea for you!

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Cheryl here with Work at Home United.

I work with a giant network of people....and we all support and

depend on each other to help our businesses grow. We have found

friends in one another because we all have the same goal: to stay

home with our children and make a significant contribution to our

family's income.

Our business has a great sense of integrity, is extremely solid, and is in great standing with the BBB. This Company is 23 years old, debt free and part of the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.

The best part is that You and I, and our

team, will work together to help your business grow. You will NOT be


I am a Mom, not a salesperson; I will not pressure you. Let me share

my story with you. Log in to my website under get more info, and that

will let me know to get in touch with you. I really hope you'll join

our family of friends and business partners.

Please visit my personal website and fill out "Get More Info".

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What is it your are passionate about? Do you like helping people? Are you a person who tells your friends and family when you receive great service at a restraunt or business? How much money would you need to make before you have a home of your own? Send me a mesage at and I will share with you my story of how I am working to replace my teaching salary while working at from home.



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