Help with my ten year old?

Moriah - posted on 05/15/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My ten year old doesn't listen to anything. I am so tired if him acting like he doesn't know anything. Do any of you other mommies out there feel the same way? And if so what works for you? Also I was wondering what are you're ten year old boys chores around the house to help out? And do they have a cow when asked to do them? I am so frazzled right now with his attitude. Plus basically being home every night alone with with and an almost two year old and I'm 32 weeks prego with baby boy number 3. Someone with some insight please give me advice??


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Nightingale - posted on 05/25/2013




Girls are worse.. LOL. I have two kids.. a boy and a girl. when my SWEET son turned 10, it was like, OK? who switched off the lights? When my daughter turned 10, it was "CALL THE EXORCIST!!" Yeah... Both had a drastic change in personality, but my son was realtively easier.. just didnt listen worth a flip. He was in all advanced classes and even his teacher said all her 10 year old gifted kids just "stopped" being nerds. They were disorganized, rowdy, forgetful, no common sense.. she said it was like they went from being saints to all of them coming down with a bad case of ADD.

I couldnt take it so I would say "feed the dog, then water the cats, clean out the duck coop and move their pen, then when you are done with that, transfer laundry and start a new load.. Now, what did I say?" Then he would attempt to repeat it. It took awhile of me having to do this before he could repeat without having me retell him over and over again my list. after a month, It was once that I asked him what did I say and he could repeat word for word.. but I had to do this every time until I noticed a change.Now he is a teen and reacquainting himself with selective hearing syndrome. So I am back to asking him "repeat what I said?" before he leaves my sight.

As for chores at 10? He was my organizer so I went with his strengths.. he had the livingroom chores.. He picked it up and vaccumed the floor. He also was responsible for transering the wet clothes to the dryer, feeding the animals, and cleaning out his snakes tank and the duck pen.

My daughter was 7at the time and had taking the clothes from the dryer and separating it into piles.. brothers.. moms.. grandpas.. hers.. She watered the animals and cleaned her rats cage, she picked up the kitchen area and swept the floors.

At 2 they were taking things out of the dishwasher and placing them on the counter to be put up, cleaning up their clothes and toys from the floor and they each had a little broom and had to help sweep PERIOD.

I indoctrinated them early.

Vanessa - posted on 05/16/2013




Oh go to your library and check out Raising Cane. It will answer all your questions about how boys are. And 10yrs is the perfect time to learn from the book. Our boys are wonderful, but they are not like us gals. My son is younger, but already I'm asking "why does he do this/that?" And you have boy number 2 coming along. If you read this book, I hope it all clicks. And they're are other books about raising boys too. In fact more than there are girls books. So seek one out. There's also Raising Boys which is a shorter version. Good luck with your wonderful boy!

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