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Alicia - posted on 01/25/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 6 month old son has started to flip onto his stomach when he sleeps. Two problems with this: 1) It makes me worried about SIDS and 2) He hates being on his stomach. So then he wakes up and starts crying. I've tried putting things on the side of him to keep him from flipping. But somehow, he wakes up crying because he's on his tummy again. This is not working for our sleep schedule. Help!!


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Susan - posted on 02/08/2010




my baby is 11 weeks old and she has been sleeping on her stomach since we got out of hospital. SIDS is a load of crap, they dont really know wat its from they just say not to do it. its because they might suffocate them selves, but they are human like us and they wont let them selves suffocate so dont worry about it, he will get use to doing it after a while. :)

Taryn - posted on 02/02/2010




Hey Alicia! I would recommend trying more tummy time with Levi when he's awake so he can get good at rolling back over. Then he'll be more likely to roll himself back over when he wakes (or maybe before he really wakes). Start slow if he hates it, and work up to more and more tummy time! Make sure to include lots of cool toys and yourself to make it worth his time to be on his tummy :) As he gets better at it, he should enjoy it more.

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My daughter was the exact same way. I was really worried about SIDS and she started rolling over at 4 months. Until she was about 7 months, if I heard her roll over I would go in and gently roll her back over before she woke up. If she woke up mad on her tummy then I would have to rock or nurse her back to sleep. At 7 months I started laying her down on her tummy. She sleeps much better now because she can't roll over on her tummy and get mad since she's already there. I check on her frequently and don't have anything else in the crib with her just to be on the safe side. Most pediatricians will tell you it's ok for them to sleep on their tummy once they can roll, if you're unsure you can always check with your doctor for ideas and advice.

Ara - posted on 01/25/2010




My doctor said it's ok to let them sleep on their stomaches when they learn to roll over. If he wakes up, I'd just lay him on his back, give him his pacifier (if he takes one) and cover him up with a light blanket (if he's too big for the sleep sacks). That's what I've been doing with my daughter for the past year (she's 18 months) and it works for us. I also turn on the soft soother music and tell her it's not time to get up, go back to sleep, and we don't have any problems. He may be getting into the teething stage too. The only time my daughter hasn't slept well, was when she was teething, which we would have to give her Tylenol, or put Orajel on her gums or when she had an ear infection. If he continues not to sleep well, you might want to call your doctor for advice.

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