Hey ladies I'm finding it hard wiv my 5yeR old little boy he's Always acing tantrums b4 skol and us times after skol. I've tried eroding but I'm really tired with the stress plus I'm a single parent of two boys which don't help. Me advice please


Alisha - posted on 10/09/2013




My 4 year old daughter is having tantrums as well. All I can think it is is pushing limits see how far they can go before mom gives up. When he starts his temper tantrum put him in time out, if he keeps going keep him there till he stops (put him in time out, if he doesn't stop screaming or whatever add 1 min, when he stops there you go that is his time out) pick a place my husband and I we use the stair, or her bed depending on what she has done, she has to sit with her arms and legs up, legs straight out arms the same, she can't tough anything. When he is done sit him down and have a talk with him. And I mean talk to him. Talk on his level. Be straight with him. You don't like it when he does that. You don't like it when he screams and stomps his feet, whatever he does.Remind him that you don't ask much. Ask him what it is about school that he doesn't like? is someone picking on him? is the teacher not doing her job? talk with the teacher see if there is something going on that he isn't saying. Temper tantrums are never fun. I have a 4 yr old and a 1 year old, and the 1 year old looks up to the 4 yr old so she is starting to copy her. My 4 yr old has them for everything just about sometimes, eating,T.V shows, sissy touching her stuff, yadda yadda, course she is also my drama queen. Hope this helps. If not I am sorry, just keep up the good fight so to speak. Just don't give into the demands of a 5 yr old.

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