Hey moms- I ideas for daytime activities to do with my 16 month old.


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Brandy - posted on 06/23/2010




Finger painting, collecting things outdoors (leaves, twigs, rocks) then if you want, you can glue them on paper and make a collage. We've painted rocks before, my daughter loves to bake with me (she's 2 now but started helping me bake at just over a year old), read books, have a picnic in the yard, collect things outside and dip them in a bowl of water to watch them change color/texture (rocks, sand, dirt), blow bubbles. We go for walks and my daughter picks the dandelions on the edges of people's lawns and follows ants down the sidewalk. If you search on google 'toddler crafts' , there are a bunch of ideas on there too.

Brandice - posted on 06/23/2010




I have two children, a daughter who's 5 and a son who is also 16 months. My daughter is from my ex-husband so she will be gone every other week this summer so I had to come up with things to do with just me and my son. He loves to dance so I try to listen to music while playing with shape sorting toys and blocks. We go outside at least once a day (depending on the heat) and I let him explore his surroundings by picking flowers, looking at bugs, etc. I try to read to him, but he only sits through like a page LOL, so I usually just let him turn the pages and I point out pictures and tell him what it is and he repeats it (sometimes). When his sister's home, he usually tags along with her and does pretty much what she does.

Kim - posted on 06/23/2010




My 17 month old loves playing at the park and playing in his little kiddy pool. He hates being pint up inside the house.

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