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Just had my D&C March 12. after the procedure I had spotting brown to red for a week it turns to red again. I think its normal that the bleeding comes and goes. After 14 days of D&C I started doing normal routing and going back to work by the end of March. any more tips that can help me cope with my miscarriage?


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Cutemommy - posted on 03/25/2016




my MC was last year around this time happened last april, i actually spent last easter in the emergency room. It took a while for the pregnancy hormone to go down I get headaches and it took a while to become regular I would say like a good 7 months even sometimes now ill completely miss a period and then have one light one heavy. The only thing I would really worry about Is getting a fever because that would mean infection, but sometimes D&C doesn't get everything so your body could just be doing things on its own. For coping talk to other women about it sometimes people wont bring it up out of respect for you but its ok to talk about it with them you will be surprised at how many women you know have had one and how it still affects them.

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