hi everyone update on my son so i went privately to do a check up on my son an the doctor says it look like allergies so he recommended bactroban which I'm applying twice daily an zyrtex so far his skin is looking much better but i was drinking lemon water daily an i noticed that early in the morning his skin used to look ok an after i drank the lemon water an feed him his buttons used to look irritated like it used to look reaaly bad so now I'm more frustrated more than ever its ongoing on almost a month now an im feeling so sad for my baby boy because of the itching need answers


Tiana C - posted on 04/03/2015




well if you are noticing a correlation between the lemon water and the increasing irritation to his skin, skip the lemon water for 6 days (3 for it to get out of your sons system and then 3 so you can see if it is helping any). Start tracking everything you are putting into your body (I'm assuming you are still breastfeeding) and at what time and slowly go through your list and start eliminating things in order to see what days and when his skin is looking better or worse. take your observations to your sons next appointment and share your findings with the doctor. it could be just that his system is reacting badly to things you are consuming. BUT KEEP FOLLOWING DOCTORS ORDERS. :) Best of luck!

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