Hi friends... I have 1 son and iam not working... My husband used to return back to home late ... He wants to relax some time with his friends and then only return back to home... My problem is i will never disturb him when ihe is at office and then he goes out and at that time i used to call him every 20 or 30 mins that irittates him and always ends with the fight... And also i never sleeps before he reaches home... So phone call is a big problem between us...is there any way to avoid calling him ( iam not asking of angry just not to disturb him) i need a help... He is a businessman


Christina - posted on 01/31/2013




The only thing I can tell you is that it is not healthy to be in a relationship, nor is it normal, to be afraid of your husband. If he is seeking a lot of time with friends and doesn't see the value in time spent with you and your son, there is a bigger issue going on. There should always be a balance and open communication is a must! I would talk to some other people in your inner circle to see what they think. If they express concern, I would not blow it off! Talk to someone :)

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