Hi friends ! I have 14months son I'm Time confused my question is does he needs any kind of preschool education or shud I wait until he gets 4 years thanks


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Sarah - posted on 02/02/2013




At 14 months he is still pretty little for preschool. Around the age of 3 yrs is a good time to start with preschool. That first year (3 yrs) is mostly about socialization. Teaching them how to get along with others, share, how to follow directions from a teacher, how to follow along in a line without cutting, how to do the activities that are being done at the time instead of jumping around the room doing what they choose at the moment. The second year (4yrs) is more focused on the education.....not that they don't do this in the 3 yr old class, just not as indepth. They will learn how to write their name, identify their letters and numbers, know their shapes and colors, etc.

At 14 months they are still side by side playing and are not interacting with others much yet. I would suggest doing a play groups at this age.

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