hi has anyone any advice on giving birth after a 3rd degree tear

Frances - posted on 04/16/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )





im thinking of trying for another baby but im so scared of giving birth as i had a 3rd degree tear with my last child any advice


Catherine - posted on 04/17/2010




I had an episiotomy for both my labours, my first I tore much worse than my second. I have heard of (but not sure on details) that there is a way to ready your perenium so it doesn't tear, at least not so badly. I was told all about it over 2 years but have heard that it can help.
I can't remember whether you just massage the area or something, surely there would be info on it somewhere, but I mean if in doubt have a chat to your doctor or midwife I'm sure they would be able to offer some sort of advice to make things easier for you.

Meagan - posted on 04/16/2010




with my first son i had a bad tearing and was sore for months afterwards, i was so scared to have my second boy only 11 months after giving birth to my first child! but amazingly it was basicallly painless, no tearing or anything and i felt back to my normal self as soon as i was out of the hospital, but i guess everyone is different too tho.

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I had an episiotomy with my first (second degree) and was in pain for weeks. I had a second degree tear with my second and didn't feel anything. Most likely, if you do tear again it will not be as bad. All my mom friends had less of a problem after the first time.

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i had a third degree tear with my first and didnt tear at all with my second, who was bigger....but the doctor used baby shampoo as a lube...it must have worked.

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I had a 3rd degree tear as well- but they gave me an episiotomy and it turned into a bad tear. It was brutal recovering from it. Next time I'm requesting that they absolutely do NOT give me one unless its necessary. It might not be as bad being that its your second baby. you can also look up perineal massage which you can do in the last few weeks which helps stretch the muscles, making it less likely you'll tear.


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I had an episiotomy with my first(twins), but tore through the rest of the way.... but healed up fine. with my 3rd child I just tore along the old line all the way through again. but have since healed fine. I'm currently preg. with #4 and expect that I'll tear again. it's no biggie. I didn't even feel it last time. the scar was a bit more ragged though. I may talk to my doctor about an episiotomy this time so the scars heal cleaner. but we'll see what happens.

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I also had a 3rd degree tear with my first. I have had 3 other kids. I had very little tearing with my 2 girls and my son none.

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i had a 3rd degree tear with my first. with my second my doctor did an episiotomy. it went just fine.

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i had bad tearing with my first also i had lots of stitches and needed sever pain meds for how bad it was. i was too scared about giving birth again. i had my son and tore again and i needed stitches not as bad tho. good luck :) also if the tearing was really bad with your first your doctor would recommend a different way to deliver. like a CS. and would schedule u for one when the time comes :) good luck :)

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I would talk with your OB about it. You can request an episiotomy.

Jenn - posted on 04/16/2010




I had really bad tearing with my first (don't know what degree but I know I had lots of stitches inside and out), and was a bit scared about giving birth again, but I managed just fine and the second time around (technically and the thrid as it was twins) was just fine with minimal tearing and stitches needed.

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