Hi, I'm not so sure I'm considered a stay at home Mom. What do you think?

Rivka - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I do work at home, my young ones are home with me in the preschool I run on the first floor of our house with six people on staff. So I get to nurse my children for more than two years but still get the housework and cooking done for the preschool and household...I need to be available to be able to go out for therapies and teacher meetings for my older and other young children. People ask me how do I manage. Every child has his or her special needs and the TLC they need. Even with the business I work 24/7. I don't think there is a way to only work a few hours a day. A family is a full time job. Every child is a whole world of his or her own.


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This forum isn't that specific. You could be considered a sahm if you like, no one is going to call you out on it. You could also go to the working mom's board and post there, and no one would call you out on that either. I think the only real reason working moms and sahms separate themselves on forums is because working moms face different dilemmas than sahms (like daycare issues and calling out sick too often to care for little ones), and sahm's face different dilemmas than working moms (like lack of respect, volunteer issues, lack of respect, etc). Sahm & working moms cannot always identify with the problems the other group faces, so sometimes it's nice to have a group that you know identifies.

Like you, I work from home as well, and I identify with both working moms and sahms. I know Many, Many moms who don't really fit into one category or the other. Some work from home like you & I do, others work nights or weekends and stay at home during the week so that they can still volunteer and take their kids to all of their appointments and activities. All in all, we're all moms, and we're all here for support and to be supportive. If you find you can help a working mom with her balancing act, or a sahm with her volunteer obligations, no one is going to care weather you fit the mold of working mom or sahm perfectly or not. :)


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