hi i want a small suggestion my husband and i do have some difficult time after marriage because of my motherinlaw and fatherinlaw who both want to put me as aslave after marriage,my husband went to us after that,i came by fixing an appoinment and i was conceive so he was abt to give me doc and brought me here,he has not spoken for 1month after that he wastalking and our journey took place ,my fatherinlaw grabs his cheque book when he offered for his emergency situation he has not helped me in setting up my home right in my place but when we move to us he came to our place and took all our things to his home place,i want to avoid his intervention too much ,my husband had a issue of browsing to the internet and flirting with girls i exposed him in front when everybody was blaming iam suspecting him toomuch ,now they are not talking to me either they aretalking to my husband in phoneand iam not able to control this as he is not disclosing any family finance to me,how can i change his attitude and make him to avoid my fatherinlaw interventions anybody can help me with this pl


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I guess we all have the - "in law" problem at some stage, my advice is to give him an ultimatum, tell him to talk to his parents and to make it clear to them to stop interfering in your marriage, ( there's helping and then there's interfering) he doesn't have to be disrespectful just crystal clear

Michelle - posted on 12/09/2012




You can't change the way people are. If you aren't happy in your situation then you might consider leaving. I'm really confused by your post, sorry.

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