Hi my little girl keep waking up in the night.she has slept throught the night but over the past few months she has got worse and worse.last nit she was up every 20minswould go back to sleep by herself then awake again.shemoves around the cot a lot. Can anyone give some advice so we can get some sleep? We have been also feeding her more food so we thought it might be that? Just not to sure what to do


Kell - posted on 04/03/2013




I think you daughter may be teething. My daughter is going through the same right now. We give her calpol or nurofen (sorry if i cant spell) just after her last feed and rub teething gel (normally bonjela) over her gums before she goes to sleep.. She still wakes up but it is only usually once a night for a bottle and more teething gel. Though I am not sure so don't hold me to it! Hope it helps xx

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