High Chairs?

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My 18 month old hates high chairs. We recently went out for dinner with my husband's family. There were a total of 4 children under 4. (3yo girl, 3yo boy, 2yo girl and 18mo girl) My 3yo girl has been out of a high chair for over a year. My SIL children (3yo boy, 2yo girl) were in high chairs when we went out. My 18mo does not use a high chair at home, she prefers to stand on a regular dining roor chair and sit at the table with us and does extremly well. When we were out to eat however my MIL insisted that she be in a high chair and my daughter went crazy trying to get out. The second she was out she was happy as could be.My MIL and her mom implied that we are bad parents because my daughter hates being in a high chair.

Is there really something wrong with my youngest wanting to be like the rest of us? I'm extremly proud of her. She was a month early premie who now has a vocabulary of about 25 words, has been off bottles for 6 months, can climb up the slide and go down by herself, uses a fork and spoon properly, puts herself down for naps and bedtime, and yet she doesn't like being in high chairs so we're bad parents.

Sorry I'm just venting. But I'm curious does anyone else have this problem with their kids?


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What is your MIL's reasoning? High chairs are for kids who can't sit well at the table. If your daughter can, then what's the problem?

Hey MIL, I think 3yo is too old for a high chair. How's that?

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I don't really think it is a problem. I look at everything based on something my mom told me before my 15yr old was born. I ask her about sleeping positions and how I should lay her down to sleep. Her response was " I you want to sleep then you will let that baby sleep the way she wants to sleep." I did and I was the only one of my friends that was able to sleep all night. I was lucky she sleep 12 to 14 hr from 2 wks on. Not so much with my last five.

My point to this is if your little one prefers being on a regular chair then there is nothing wrong with it. Having peace at mealtimes is the same as peace at night. I see that you said she won't sit in a high chair and she runs all over the resturant what can I do to teach her she has to sit there. I was simply she doesn't like high chairs. All kids are different just like us as adults.
Most mom's would kill to have their 18 mon. to lay down without a fuss. It sounds to me like you are a wonderful mom and any one who doesn't is jealous. You are doing a great job. She seems to be hitting her milestones just fine. My oldest has multiple disabilties. I was told that she would only be able to learn the very basics and that is it. She is now a sophmore and has all A.P. classes and is top of her class.
Keep up the good job.

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Logan thinks he's people too. He has to have a wine glass if I have wine, a mug if I have coffee, has to eat some off our plates even if his food is exactly the same, has to eat with a big dessert spoon etc. I got him a table and little chairs to sit at and eat his lunch and my mother in law like put it away and told me he tried to climb on the bench by getting on it. She;s gone now and it's coming back out bwahahahahaha. I love that he wants to be grown up.

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My son rejected high chairs at 18 months and so did my daughter. I didn't plan it that way but they did it anyway. We ended up having better outings when I stopped fighting them on it. They actually sat down and colored as opposed to the screaming and repeated climbing out. I don't think that makes me a bad parent. So don't worry about it.

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tell your MIL to go suck an egg! and show her the birth certificate, you are the mother, not her.

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My 18 month old is the same. Our only problem is that she wants to climb all over the place at resturants so a high chair is all she gets. She'll color and do projects at the dinning table without issue though.

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I wouldn't even call that a problem! If she sits nicely at the table and isn't climbing everywhere, then there really is no reason for highchair... A booster seat maybe, but not a highchair...

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