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Hannah - posted on 06/13/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Does anyone else have a high need baby? It is becoming more and more noticable with my daughter. She won't nap anywhere but on me and won't go to sleep unless she has fallen asleep on either my husband or I's laps as well. It can become very stressful at this point. She seems to cry when she is placed on the floor or even in her crib. She has to be held at all times it seems like. I am trying to not give in but sometimes I can't help but pick her up just so she will stop screaming.
Does anyone have any helpful tips I can try at home?


Erin - posted on 06/14/2010




My daughter was like that. I tried to make sure that when i put her down somewhere it would smell like me. I put some of my shirts in her swing and crib etc....and then I would put her in her swing or bouncer and sit right in front of her and hold her hand or put my hand on her cheek. I just kept telling her you're ok. I also tried to not let her fall asleep on me because like some of the other moms said she would get all warm and cozy and then I would put her in a cold crib so when she started to fall asleep i would put her in her crib and stay there holding her hand or what not till she fell asleep....it was a long process but i was glad i did it...hope this helps...good luck!


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Hannah - posted on 06/14/2010




thanks everyone for the advice. I've tried slings but she doesn't like being in them, and she is too big for her swing. My daughter is 9 months old, almost 10 months. Today she has been a lot better, she is actually napping in her crib right now, but normally this is such a fight. Since she can stand up in her crib she will usually stand and cry instead of laying down and wearing herself out till she does fall asleep. I think I might try laying her in her crib and sitting in there with her.

thanks again!

Marcy - posted on 06/14/2010




I used a HotSling, and loved it.. It is much more comfortable than a babybjorn. Both of my kids had severe reflux so they were dependent on me to hold them upright and for comfort. I found this to be a lifesaver! They can be bought at Target or online. Good luck. How old is your daughter?

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Best advice ever? Baby Bjorn sling. Buy one.

She just wants to be near you, it reminds her how much she is loved.

Babies these days are ripped from a comfy warm place where they always hear mommy's voice and shoved into a strange cold crib in their own room, far away from mom and dad. It's gotta be scary! We decided our son should sleep with us. he still does to this day, daddy and him snuggle all night long. He works all day and doesn't come home until late sometimes, just before our baby is due for bed. He starts off sleeping in a small cot and when daddy goes to bed he gets the baby and they cuddle.

At the dawn of time, babies were carried EVERYWHERE by mom and sometimes dad. it's in their physiology to be needy, because lets face it, they can't do much on their own! They need reassurance of love and comfort from us, it's how they are "programmed". The more love and comfort we give them, the more confident they are in life later on! (studies proven this fact, even co-sleeping does wonders for their self esteem and confidence)

Human beings CRAVE touch and contact. Sometimes they don't, but most of us do and babies are no exception. They want to be with us ALWAYS because they LOVE us that much! When you think about it that way, your eyes tear up in a different way, hey?!

Get a sling (I recommend baby bjorn because we've tried it and it's VERY safe) and wear her around a bit. She might even fall asleep and sliding her out onto the crib mattress is EASY!!! Simply lean forward so she's on the mattress in the sling. Undo the clips and move the crib bars back up (quietly!). It is safe for her to lie on the sling carrier part and she can play with it when she wakes up if she wants!

I hope this helps!

Sufia - posted on 06/13/2010




I totally understand your situation because my baby was like that too whe she was younger. You can use a baby carrier to hold her that way your arms can be free. Don't worry this stage will pass soon. Try to keep your baby busy with fun activities of her age. You can also use a baby swing. The rocking motion of a swing is soothing and babies like it. I hope it helps.

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