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hi my daughter didnt pooped from last 2 days wat can i do for her


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if she is breastfed there probably isn't a prob. My midwife said one of her kids held it for like a week and was fine. As long as it's not hard no problems. The reason i specified for breastmilk is cause it has a natural laxative effect. Formula doesn't so you have to be more aware, that's all.

Lol, also be ready when she does cuz it's gonna be a big one. My parents also told me that I didn't poop for 3 or 4 days and they tried to stay at home on the 3 and 4th days cuz there wasn't a diaper that was gonna hold all that. Sorry if that was too much info just trying to reassure you that it's most likely just a normal phase that will eventually pass. =)

Kassi - posted on 03/23/2010




my son does this a lot. his ped said it is common and to just ride it out that he will poop when he is ready. a change in their eating can cause this as well and once they r used to the new food it will go back to normal! hope this helps.

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