Home all day & I get homesick for my family!!

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I am a young first time Mom that has a 17 month old boy. It gets very hard for me cause I didn't move out of my parents house until I was married. I hit a low & get the urge to go to my hometown where my parents live to blow off some steam & get my wits back. I take my son with me as my husband works long hours on the oil fields as an electrician in wyoming. Both sets of parents live in So. Utah which is an 8 to 10 hour drive to their homes.

I do keep in fairly good contact with both sides but still get very homesick! What are some ideas I could try to keep me home with my husband more often & fight off the homesickness?

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Autumn - posted on 09/12/2011




I live in a very small town in WY & it is either older retired people or families that are way older then my son. I am LDS and go to church groups like Recipe club & Project club, but usually have to drag my son with me because fo the long crazy hours my husband puts in with his job on the oil fields. Other then that I don't know many people because the small town I live in is also close to the oil fields & it is a very rough town & neighborhood I live in.

I go home at least 4 to 6 times in a year because of appointments in St George, UT for my Neurologist, the Holidays including Thanksgiving, & occasionally for summer days & fall time. I moved to WY from So. Utah 2 years & 2 months ago. I came home to visit when my mother said I looked like I was gaining weight then returning home finding out I was pregnant & then the pregnancy flew by. One thing I have always wanted to do or try is the art of Quilting, knitting, crochetting, & sewing. I have a friend who is willing to try to teach & help me this winter but I am not sure if that will really help me not get homesick because I always wanted to learn from my Grandma but she passed away before I spoke up!

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As someone who was home for years when the kids were little, I know you start craving adult contact!! Join a church group, a book club, philanthropic group, not always with your kid! It is good to get away for a little without the kids. Many of these groups will rotate babysitting or hire a sitter as a group. You will have fun, perhaps do some good, and feel better being with adults and without the kids for a little!!

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I don't know if this will help you or make it worse. We Skype our families back home alot. It's nice for everyone to get to see our two daughters even if it's just on the computer screen. We live in Texas and all of our family is in Ohio. I wish my family was an 8-10 hour drive away. I would go home frequently. We've driven home (and back) 7 times now. It's about 18 hours. I have found some support groups (they are both breastfeeding related for me, but I've met some great new friends). That helps. It is hard though. I wasn't here very long before I got pregnant and staying home makes it harder to meet people. Check around your town for fun classes and activites to take your little one to. I've also become friends with many of my husband's coworkers and/or their wives. Many of them have kids close to the same age as ours so we get together so the kids can play. It's unfortunate that families have to spread out so much, but you have to go where there are good jobs. Just know that you're not alone and even Circle of Moms can help pass the time :).

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Make new friends, go out, take the baby, go to playgroup or even just down to the shops for a coffee. I live a long way from my parents too and I 'd want to move if I didn't go to playgroup.

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