Home Based Businesses?!?

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Here is a very good topic. What does everyone think of the home based businesses?. All I have ever found was people wanting money from you. To me, the whole point was to WORK (work - being the operative word here) to get money. Mom's, what are your point of views on this subject?


Lisa - posted on 01/29/2010




Hi Joan! I feel that home based businesses can be a great way to make extra income, however there are certainly LOTS of people shoving their home based business down your throat! :) I'm fortunate, I work with a home based business that is a legitimate company, I LOVE working my business (something else to focus on other than the kids and hubby!!) and I make money doing so!

There are real home based businesses out there. And my business has increased thanks to things like Facebook where I can reconnect with old friends! It does usually take some money to get started in a home based business, in fact I would be leary of ones claiming you don't have to pay any money, do any work, etc... hmmmm.... doesn't sound legit to me.

My suggestion is to find a legitimate home based business that you would be passionate about working, otherwise it is hard to stay focused when you are home working for yourself. Especially with the kiddos vying for your attention! ;)

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