Horrible teachers just caught but would you home school?

AokisMa - posted on 02/05/2012 ( 107 moms have responded )





2 teachers caught doing horrible things to babies 6-10 years old. They were doing such damage to these kids for years. Who knows if all victims will ever come forward. And its at school in LAUSD...

My little one is only 9 months, but I'm seriously considering home schooling now. Hoped to continue career... I mean all that college to stay home and teach kids? But how can I feel safe about entrusting my kids well being to horrible things like in the article? Guess I need teaching credentials and a chalk board now.

Anyone done it? What would you do differently? Or who wouldn't consider, barring finances as a concern?


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Mrs. - posted on 02/06/2012




YES, Go for IT!!!! I home-school and its the best decision our family ever made.

Public School is Dangerous and detrimental to our children, and its so well documented too!

Goto http://indoctrinationmovie.com/


This is one of many RECENT documentaries on the subject you cannot afford to miss, WE WONT be willfully ignorant to the danger to our kids!

Darlene - posted on 02/06/2012




I started to home school my 9 year old Nephew when the public school system was going to push him thru to the next grade when his report card had all F's! My daughter went to a christian school for K and 1st grade. They have a wonderful program and when I discovered that I could use that same program, save $4,000.00 per year and keep my child from learning things (from other kids) that I did not want her to be exposed to, I chose to homeschool her as well.

My nephew is now making C's and improving every week. He is ADHD and the public schools in our area are in my opinion, not the best. He went to 3 schools in 2 years because of the teachers inability to handle their class and special needs children at the same time.

I agree with "Medic Mommy"! Any child that is above or below average, will not make it in public school. My nephew was far below average and my daughter is above average, in both cases, neither were getting what they needed. Now, they have my undivided attention.

I worked full time in a great field, when my daughter was born I was torn as to weather I should work or stay home with her. 9 months later I felt that it was more important for me to be with her rather than have a stranger raise her.

Home schooling is not for everyone, but with the right program, it is a piece of cake. Ours uses DVD's of an actual class room and teacher that interacts with the students watching. The lessons are laid out for me all I have to do is pull the lessons for each day out of the books and be there if they have any questions. We have reading books, craft books, science, history, spelling, math and so much more. No degree needed...just common sence. If I can do it, anyone can.

Do your homework first, find the best program for you and your children. You don't have to spend alot of money, our program was under $1,000. We take field trips, get together with other children for play time and we always have a good time.

Good luck to you.

Stifler's - posted on 02/06/2012




I wouldn't homeschoool because of this. You can't tar all teachers with the same brush.

Medic - posted on 02/05/2012




I do homeschool but it has nothing to do with anything like that. It has everything to do with the public schools inability to handle a kid that is above average. I do not want my kids to have a subpar education and just make it by.

Co-ops suck for the most part unless you are overtly religious. I do not think they need to learn anything in a school setting which teaches them to fit into a premade box of what a child should be like. We are members of a very open homeschool group and we all do outings and park days and whatnot. There are always other extra curricular activities for kids to do.

ETA: We do pay about 1,000$ a year to do it but neither myself or my husband stay home full time. We just make it work

Jodi - posted on 02/05/2012




I am seriously considering homeschooling my children. When making your decision, make sure you look up your states requirements for homeschooling. Also, check into a local homeschooling club, around here there's a really great one that takes group field trips to museums, zoos, farms and other educational places. Also, they bring in different people to talk about and teach a certain subject. Like, my Dad is a living history geek (he camps out in the pre-1880's period and spends whole weeks living that lifestyle), so I could have him set up all his gear and invite the other homeschoolers over to hear him speak and give hands on lessons for history. I hate history, but I could tell you everything about that period of American History from my Dad!

You can purchase or make your own lesson plans, some states require it, mine doesn't. You can find all sorts of free lesson plan ideas online, onlong with worksheets etc etc. In my area, we can send our child to school for portions of the day. So, I have no music ability and I really such at Math, I plan on sending my children to our local school for those two classes if it works out, or finding someone who can help me teach my children these things. I pretty excited about homeschooling if we decide to do it, but nervous too, I mean...I would solely be in charge of my child's educations, that's pretty big! lol Good luck with your decision, but I wouldnt' base it on a couple of nutjobs who are the exception and not the norm.

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Personally I wouldn't homeschool, I feel it's important for my children to have that slight independence from me and feel that they can learn so much from others. I also know that the vast majority of teachers are wonderful people, I don't let a handful of evil people taint my view on how good most people are.

Although with that said I fully intend on teaching my children that they must tell me or my hubby (or nan/ grandad etc) if anyone ever hurts them, and no matter what anyone tells them we will not be angry at them if they make mistakes and own up to them. When they are old enough we will also explain to them proper precautions to protect themselves against these types of people.

If you choose to homeschool, I would advise joining a co-op to give your kids that social interaction with other children and grown ups in a "school" setting. If there is an area you know you are weak in maybe you could use the co-op to exchange lessons with other homeschool mums (so if your great at science but not so strong at English, you could teach a few students science and their mom could teach your kids English).

ETA: I just re-read and really want to point out, I have absolutely nothing against homeschooling for others, I just feel it's not for my children. I have a lot of respect for mums who do a good job homeschooling.

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I'm going to be homeschooling our 3 kids starting this fall with my oldest. Homeschooling cost as much as you make it cost. My sisterinlaw, sister, and cousin all homeschool in 3 different methods each costing a different amount. Depending on where you live their are free online schools where you don't have to teach your children a teacher does it and you just help. Or you can go the next cheapest route of getting work books from Walmart, printing free things off the computer or you can use a premade lesson plans and all that which can get expensive.

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