Housewife..........a form of Prostitution

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((I am quoting what someone else posted in another thread))
((I thought it was very interesting and wanted to bring it here…I will also add that I did see the listing for it on HBO, but didn’t catch it because my son was around))

“So i flipped throught the channels...left it on hbo to see what was coming on and went in the kitchen to clean....i hear someone say..."being a housewife is a form of prostitution" of course i came in to see what i was hearing...and it was a hooker saying that what she does is just a quick version of what a stay at home wife and/or mother does..apparently..housewives screw to get their bills paid, hair and nails done..but at a slower pace...and all this time..i thought you guys loved your husbands...

what are your thoughts??

is there any comparison???

If you didn't give it up, would he eventually leave and start paying bills for someone else???....not my words..don't be mad at"


Renae - posted on 10/29/2010




That sounds like a prositute trying to justify what she does to herself in a vain attempt to convince herself that she isn't destroying her self esteem and self respect.

Of course there is no comparison. It is such a ridiculous and desperate thing to say.

Candy - posted on 10/29/2010




I am a Mother and a Wife. We married because we loved each other. The sex,when we can find time for it ,is a bonus. That is what is wrong now a days. People are getting married because of the lust you first feel. When real life sets in,drop the kids off,pick the kids up,dishwashers broke,car quit working,etc. all this happens in one day, they want to throw in the towel. I think that is way divorce is so high. No one is willing to work on their marriage.When you are your husband is having issue or wanting more of anything sex,time,talk, you talk to each other. If sex is all you want DONT get married.I am sorry I went on a run there. No I am not a hooker,call girl, prostitute,anything else you want to call it. I am a Mother,Wife and Woman.

[deleted account]

Wow, if that's true then I am so getting under paid. I'm lucky if i can get a hair cut let alone get my hair and nails done. Sex? With my husbands work and school schedule and the fact that I am home with 3 kids (ages 3, 9, and 11), sex is something that doesn't happen very often. We are just to darn tired for it.

Erin - posted on 11/03/2010




i couldn't believe what i was reading! lol Being a housewife and mother is in NO WAY a form of prostitution.
Idk about who ever posted this, but my husband doens't leave a stack of hundreds on my nightstand after having sex. I married my husband because we are in love. We decided to have children because we love each other and we wanted kids. We decided together that we both wanted our kids to be raised with a working father and a stay at home mom. Just because SAHMs don't get a paycheck every 2 weeks doesn't mean they don't work or earn their keep at home. And sex isn't a job requirement. You have sex with your husband/wife because your physically attracted to them and love them and plus sex is good. lol But its not like I have to have sex every single night.. becauase frankly... sometimes I just don't feel like it. prostitutes don't have that option, if they want to get paid they have to have sex. period dot it.
Like someone said in another reply, that some women who are considered a "trophy wife" are closer to this comparison than others, thats true.. but really- those marriages never last because there isn't true love and commitment in them.

Amanda - posted on 10/29/2010




wow. i don't agree with that at all. i do not 'screw my man for money'. i have a job. it is to take care of the house chores, plan meals, care for our pets and child, and man, and it is hard work, and it never ends. sex is definitely a bonus. yes, i do not work for a paycheck. i work for something better, the happiness and health of my family. my work pays well. :)

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I'm A - posted on 11/05/2015




From a guys perspective here…I remember a few years ago a fellow co-worker came to me and said “all women are prostitutes”. Now lets get one thing straight here, a prostitute doesn’t mean multiple partners. The definition of prostitute is “a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.” This payment isn’t always direct but indirect as well, especially when carrying your mans credit card to buy things. Women seem to be so paranoid that men are with them just for sex, and men are paranoid that women are with them just because of their wallet size. My personal opinion on this…Not “ALL” women are prostitutes but many are. If you are a woman who chooses to have kids with a man and you’re not screwing the plumber, UPS or cable guy when repairs are needed and you spend your day catering to your kids and husband by making dinner, cleaning and handling misc. home chores (repair calls, ect.) then NO you are not a prostitute. If you choose not to have kids but still want to be a “housewife”, then you’re a prostitute. Many men will call a hardworking housewife who is committed to her man a “prostitute” simply because he is jealous that he can’t sit at home and drink beer all day while watching sports. It’s ignorant to call housewife’s prostitutes however a housewife without kids seems unnecessary and I can understand why that scenario would have people crying foul. If women want to gain more respect specifically in the independent category, I would question why it’s termed housewife, why can’t the man stay at home OR why can’t both work and afford to hire a nanny. Maybe have your parents watch your kids if money is issue. Many men question why housewives can’t work even with kids. Two incomes would allow for private school or college tuition payment plans to be paid for. Of course every situation is different. Save the repairs and calls for the weekend. I can understand a woman taking maternity leave but not a lifetime leave just because she has kids. A nicer way of putting it other than calling women prostitutes is laziness (if you take a lifetime leave from work). Repair calls and cleaning a home is not a daily chore, maybe weekly (again you can clean on weekends). Why put all the financial weight on the husband when there are options. I understand every situation is different but if you have options, stop being lazy and go to work.

Maggie - posted on 11/04/2010




first of all prostitutes screw LOTS of guys EVERY DAY...not the same one over and over - and ONLY that one. Secondly, housewives "earn their keep" by taking care of the kids, doing the housework, cooking the meals; not just "screwing".
This "woman" obviously has no idea what a housewife is or she would never have made the comparisson

Amalea - posted on 11/04/2010




wow. the crap that will come out of some ppls mouths. but then again, this 'advice' is coming from a prostitute, so Im not really all that shocked. Its probably what she tells herself to make her feel better. being a housewife doesnt make us hookers in any way!

Christi - posted on 11/04/2010




Of course a hooker is going to try to make themselves look like they are a proper part of society. Obviously she has never had a healthy relationship, because you do not screw to get what you want. I love my husband and stay home to insure my Autistic son gets the best care he can. I do don't my hair or my nails. Sex is a rare and very sensual thing between the two of us.

Aurora H. - posted on 11/04/2010




HAHAHA! My husband and I were actually joking about that few months ago. That's hilarious. Luckily if I don't put out my husband is fine and wouldn't leave me for another women. He just deals with it cause sex isn't really all that appealling to him. Now don't get me wrong he loves me to death but sex isn't the #1 thing on his agenda. But again this is very funny. at least to me.

Brittany - posted on 11/03/2010




Really?! You can certainly tell that this woman has not experienced love in her life in a positive fashion!
There is no comparison, and I actually ache for her that she would believe something like that.
Yes, my husband (and me too!) need intimacy in our relationship. That being said, there are times that it doesn't come around often, and he's not running around trying to get it somewhere else. And if I just participated to get my bills paid, I could be getting more money elsehwere (LOL). The intimacy we share provides a bond, not just a sexual fulfillment in the moment.
And as far as getting my hair and nails done, I wish! It happens, but not that often. LOL It's not like we're just kept women. I have a job at home with our child too. It just so happens that he gets his salary in wages that we need to support our family, and my salary is the time I get to spend with our child.

Krystal - posted on 11/03/2010




prostitute never!! Maid sometimes lol!! I know some days i feel like a maid but never a prostitute!

Hannah - posted on 11/03/2010




oh thats so funny! no its not the same, how about she tries to be a stay at home mum for 1 week and she can find out the differences for herself

Annie - posted on 11/03/2010




That would imply that the only thing we give our husbands in return for working their cans off is sex. After all, what else does a hooker give her client (all STDs aside here)? lol My hubby works 7 days a week but he comes home to a HOME, well-tended children, food on the table, and most importantly, love in his wife's heart. The sex is a plus, sure, but it's not the only thing holding us together, and if it was, I'm not sure I'd want to be in that relationship. I'm sure there are housewives who compare what they do to prostitution, but it is because their marriages are seriously lacking in more than one aspect. I pity them, and thank God every day for what my husband and I have together. ♥

Stifler's - posted on 11/03/2010




My partner is the one who holds out, meanwhile I still get whatever I want. Except sex.

[deleted account]

HA....I know some people are gonna get worked up about this one, but I shared it with my husband and we had a good laugh. Course, now he wants me to put on my knee high boots and Halloween wig! LOL. Let's get real and consider the source. I won't even waste time speculating why this particular hooker made the comparison. Perhaps she is referring to abusive or controlling relationships. But more likely she is calling out a certain, probably small, percentage of "ladies" who do not marry for love, but rather for what they can get. And to be honest.....I can't disagree. I have met some of them and heard it from their own lips that they are looking for their sugar daddies. They want to be taking care of in the best manner possible...they ain't looking for love. This kind of women uses sex, or at the very least her sex appeal to get what she wants.......and IMO it could be argued that it is like a legal domestic prostitution. No, he probably doesn't drop the bills on the nightstand....but I bet she has access to his credit cards. And I can bet that sex is used a controlling weapon. Since this is most certainly NOT my situation.....Gosh, I can't remember when I last had my hair and nails done, or bought some new clothes for ME........ and I highly doubt these women are perusing Circle of Mom chat sites....I think we can easily shrug this kind of ridiculous comparison off and go about our day. Really, why should it even bother those of us secure in our loving relationships.

Candi - posted on 11/02/2010




uh oh, my husband bought me a pair of jeans! I must have made him happy with my hooker moves!! woo hoo. LOL

Randi - posted on 11/02/2010




I am a mother and wife,because i love my daughter and i am in love with my hubby,and i don't think that is the truth because when you are in love with the person that you married to and sex well its just a bonus..i know every mother/wife knows when you can find the time to do it,its even harder when you have to deal with a kid who has disabilities/and is about to go through surgery for V.U.R....i have never ever compared my self to a hooker or anything else the only thing i think i am is a loving and caring house wife/mother nor would i trade it for anything. i can't believe that some woman would say that... I chose to be a house wife/mother,.,, yea the bills will get paid whether sex happens or not.

Kataraina - posted on 11/02/2010




wow that just sounds like someone trying to convince herself that what she is doing is acceptable. good luck to her in life

Tiffany - posted on 11/01/2010




Haha, who says house wifes have sex with their husbands. Our lives are sooo busy that we never have time for sex. We have 2 kids ages 3 in Dec and 13 months, and on the side I have 5 brothers and sisters, one older brother who is a musician so we go to his shows alot, then I have a 10 year old sister who plays basketball, a 8 year old brother who does EVERY sport, and a 7 year old sister and a 3 year old sister who are cheerleaders and play tball. I am very close with my brothers and sisters and my husband has been around since they were tiny so he loves them like they are his own as well. My husband works 6 days a week along with many many other things we have to do. I dont feel like it is prostitution at all. Even for couples who have sex often. I feel like it is called a relationship. Thats what happens when you are married. Bills will be paid weather you have sex or not, or you will have no home to have sex in. hahaha. Sex is not a major part of our lives at all. I chose to be a housewife to be home with my kids. I want to be the one to teach them the things they learn. Not a day care. Not that there is anything wrong with day care or baby sitters, I just want to be the one to teach my kids. When they are both in school, then I plan to go back to work. But in the meantime, I plan on being a stay at home mom. But I feel that having sex with your husband has no part in if you get your nails done, hair done, or new cloths and so on. And if I were to stop giving it to my husband all together, i dont believe he would leave. He may become a bit frustrated, because thats a man for ya, but he wouldnt become hostile, or leave, and I truly believe he wouldnt cheat on me either. But so many other men are diff and would cheat or leave, but i know mine wouldnt. We have been together 7 years, (since we were 15) 2 kids, lots of hard times, but we made it thru them all. And if it IS considered prostitution, then oh well, at least I only have 1 client who I love and he loves me. hahaha.

Sara - posted on 11/01/2010




omg thats crazy.I am a stay at home wife to 5 kids and one on theway and I think that there is a big diffrence between the two.I am not sleepin with my husband to get the bills pd or anything else.Thats called love when your married.I find that who ever thought there was a be wrong.I can see if your goin out with other men besides your husband and doin that stuff but other then that NO WAY THAT IS THE SAME!

Corinne - posted on 11/01/2010




HA! I'm with my husband because we love and respect each other, and we are best friends. I agree with Amanda, we SAHM's work very hard for "no" pay, but our rewards are so much greater. I don't get the need to sexualize everything. Someone posted a link to an article on the breast feeding page, saying that all breastfeeding Mums were sexually abusing their kids and only did it for the orgasms! Some very strange people out there! :)

Candi - posted on 11/01/2010




No comparison. As wives, we make love to our husbands. A prostitute has sex. With our husbands, there is emotion in the process. Tthat is rediculous. Now if our husbands threw us down, did his business and left with a 20 laying on the bed, that would be different....sometimes that would be nice, but thats not what I am in the marriage for. Wew married b/c we love each other, we have feelings for each other and we communicate. My husband and I have been together since 1993, married since 1996. we are extremely happy and have 3 great kids. What prostitute can say that?? Ok, so they are lucky they don't have to do dishes...thats what we have kids for, right? LOL!! In all honesty, there is no comparison. I think the prostitute is trying to justify her lifestyle and its not working on this SAHM!! Sorry, lady, try your crap on someone else!

Carisa - posted on 11/01/2010




What about the money we would pay to have someone else take care of our kids? And no, my husband would not leave if I didn't give it up. When I pregnant, sex is painful so for about nine months he doesn't get much, and here we are two kids and eight years later, as happy as can be. That is so ridiculous.

[deleted account]

Personally I don't really care about all of that. My husband and I have reached a point in our marriage where I just tell him what I need done. IF he does it great but if not then I will do it. i.e. gas in the car. If he doesn't do it then I just take $20 or $40 out of his wallet. Do I feel bad about it? No. Mainly because he smokes so I figure at worst I am taking his smokes money. As for sex...he is lucky to get it once or twice a month. I have toys and don't really need him as much as he needs me. Do I still love him? With all my heart. However, after what he has put out family through and what we are still dealing with I constantly wonder if doing it solo would be better for my girls.

sorry long winded but you get my view point.

Christa - posted on 11/01/2010




no offense...but consider the source!! this is not even a topic worth defending.

Kelly - posted on 10/31/2010




I doubt the prostitute has any idea what a "housewife", or Stay at Home Mom's life is really like. I can SAY I'm almost like a brain surgeon, but it doesn't make it so HAHAHA. There probably are wives out there who stay with their husbands just because they pay the bills (as a matter of fact I used to know one wife just like this), but guess what? Those type of marriages don't last. Real life gets in the way sooner or later.

Kali - posted on 10/31/2010




I def dont agree with this at all Im a stay at home mom of 2 kids and My husband and I have been together for 4 years we only have sex when we both want to do this because we love each other not because I have to do this. Does that mean when I leave for bootcamp this summer my husband is going to leave me becasue im not putting out? Hell No!! I think whatever woman said this is disrespecting every housewife in the world!!! Not to mention when you have more then one child finding time alone to spend with you husband is VERY rare!!

Allie - posted on 10/29/2010




I must say this was very amusing... I do not agree with it one bit and even shared it with my husband. We got a good laugh out of it. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah - posted on 10/29/2010




i completely agree with candy. we got married because we love each other. love and lust r 2 totally different things.

Lacye - posted on 10/29/2010




LOL! No. I'm sorry but no. I don't think being a housewife is a form of prostitution. I am with my fiance because I love him, not because I want him to pay my bills. I'm not helpless, I can go get a job and do that myself. My guy doesn't even give me money to get my hair cut! I got my hair cut when my grant came in from the school, I'm a college student. I don't ask him for money. No. there is no comparison.

Jenni - posted on 10/29/2010




Although I'm sure there are housewives out there that are.... they have a fancier name than "prostitute"... they're called a "trophy wife". But I'm pretty sure the majority of us married our husbands and had their children because we love them... not because they're paying the bills. That's the big difference. We "want" to be around our husbands, we "want" to spend time with them, we "enjoy" their company. I don't think a prostitute feels any of these things for her clients.

Also I think most of us end up returning to work at some point and contribute to the household. I doubt a prostitute would start contributing her earnings to her clients' lifestyle.

The prostitute who said that must be invisioning that we have repulsive husbands and sex is a chore or work for us. Sorry but I don't have sex with my husband in exchange to have bills paid. I have sex with him because I love having sex with him. It isn't FOR HIM it's for both of us. Even if he wasn't paying the bills I WOULD STILL have sex with him. Even when I go back to work and am paying my share. I will still have sex with him. If her client suddenly told her I'm not going to pay to have sex with you anymore. She would stop have sex with him, Duh! Would any of us stop having sex with our husband if he lost his job and couldn't pay the bills? Or if we went back to work and he stayed home?

Also all a prostitute does if have sex she has no other duties. I'm sure I don't have to give examples of all the duties we as mothers/housewives have. Her job includes only one duty... pleasing her client sexually. I'd like to think I fullfill my husband on more levels than just sexually. I am his bestfriend and everything that goes with being a BF. The bond between myself and my husband cannot be compared to the bond between a prostitute and her client. She doesn't have one.

So according to her... when we go back to work and we are paying the bills too... we're suddenly no longer prostitutes? What if we're contributing mat benefits, tax benefits, baby bonus, EI? Are we still prostitutes then?

Edited to add: That statement is just a way for her to justify her job to herself. So if she needs to think that in order to do her job, so be it.

[deleted account]

No comparison! It is ridiculous!!! Enough said!

A prostitute performs sexual favours for money. A housewife has a relationship with her husband, who loves her and provides for her because she is taking care of their children, their home.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/29/2010





For one I posted because I can…

The other reason is because its interesting to me that this lady would associate Prostitution and being a SHAM as the same thing….

And what’s wrong with shaking things up with an attention-grabbing topic such as this????

Im with you on this…I think the lady is way off…and you cant correlate the two…and it made me a little upset to here someone compare the two…

Heather - posted on 10/29/2010




Wow- that's pretty audacious, not to mention absurd. Of course there is no comparison. Like Candy said, it's sad that our society can't separate sex within the boundaries of marriage from lust. My husband and I share a bond much deeper than just sex. Ridiculous. That woman is just trying to make her chosen path sound legitimate.... sad.

Erica - posted on 10/29/2010




Why would you even post this?? Are you trying to get people worked up? No there is no comparison.

Melissa - posted on 10/29/2010




Doesnt even compare...way to try to justify though...first off a marriage is a covanent and prostitution has nothing to do with vows, love, commitment, and faith! Crazy ridiculous to even compare.

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