How can I boost my income and still be with my daughter full time?

Jazmin - posted on 04/17/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a proud stay at home mom. I only have one child, Colette. Soon, our little family will be moving to a much larger, much more expensive house. Things will be financially tight for awhile.
And I was wondering if anyone knows how to help boost their income, and still be able to stay home and raise their child(ren)? Thank you!


Sarah - posted on 04/18/2013




If you enjoy kids maybe take on watching a few that are around your daughter's age. This gives you some extra money and her some playmates.

LeiShell - posted on 04/17/2013




Tough one. I know being a stay at home mom is just a sacrifice you make...and then cut back on things you would normally have....but one thing I did : I always had a passion for photography and decided to invest some money into it, as well as learning it better, courses, workshops, etc and then started my own photography business. I am at home all the time, except an hour here or there shooting or maybe a weekend for a wedding. But I do have late late nights editing and a few hours a week contacting clients, advertising, etc. For the most part, I get to be home and make a few extra dollars doing what I love. That avenue isn't for everyone is a commitment because no one will forward the business but you. I know a lot of my mom friends that stay at home sell things like Avon, MaryKay and Scentsy. So maybe something like that could help too?


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Michelle - posted on 04/20/2013




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